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15.08.2000Tuesday 15 August

I went for a bush walk. I got back at around 2 PM. I tried some rust converters (which I got from Dad’s) on the caravan draw bar. It hasn’t been long enough to see if they have worked or not yet. I am trying to learn to type without looking at the keyboard. It is reasonably hard but I can see that I will learn it without too much trouble if I persist. The problem is that I keep getting sick of it, as I am still so slow and I can type so much faster when I look at the keyboard. I can type even faster if I type with only two fingers.
  “This was typed with two fingers at about the speed I normally type it took about 42 seconds and is reproduced exactly as typed with akll (all) the typos still in...”
  “This was typed trying to se (use) all my fingers and looking at the keyboard. I am using most of my fingers and also attempting to correct the typos as I go. It took 53 seconds to type”
  “This was typed without looking at the keyboard and took 89 seconds”.
Typing Stats
Stats: Two fingers, 30(+1) words, 42 seconds 42.857143 words/minute.
  All fingers looking 37(+1) words, 53 seconds 41.886792 words per minute.
  All fingers, not looking 12 words 89 seconds 8.0898876 words per minute.
Obviously these figures are very approximate as I have only done one test on them and the sentences are too short to be conclusive. I will continue to type trying to use all my fingers but looking at the keyboard and I hope that I will then be able to gradually stop looking at the keyboard when my fingers get used to the positions f the keys. I also need lots of practice in using all of my fingers (and particularly the correct ones) for typing. I still make lots of mistakes and find that I am not even using some of my fingers. I am also trying to train my let hand to se the mouse (with the buttons still set in the right hand manner). It is quite hard, I feel like a mouse beginner. I keep clicking the wrong mouse buttons and moving the mouse when I want it to stay in the one place. I have difficulty in selecting the correct areas but the lump on my right pointer (or maybe index? Next to my thumb) finger has come back and I want to give that finger a spell from using the mouse. I still need to use my right hand for playing quake however, as my left isn’t accurate enough. Actually that has given me an idea... I will try to play quake with my left hand and see how it goes... brb... lol...

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