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01.12.2005Thursday 1 December – The Brother’s Grimm

I didn’t get up until late, relaxing and lazing about—in short, doing nothing.
I trained into the city, had a quick lunch at Govinda’s, and met Clint. We walked, talked, whinged, and looked, eventually ending up at South Bank to see “The Brother’s Grimm” in the late movie session, catching the last trains to our respective homes after. The movie was a rather peculiar and confusing mix of fairy tales, ending up slightly incoherent, but still enjoyable. Back at Joe’s, it appears that a large rain came down from the skies while I was not present, as some of downstairs is flooded.

02.12.2005Friday 2 December – Bed, Internet, Chips, Bed

On this day, Ned got out of bed, searched online and made phone calls between watching “Die Hard” while Optus drilled holes in brick walls and installed more cables, drove to a chip shop, bought chips, scallops, and fried pineapple rings dipped in cinnamon, ate them, updated a website, and then went back to bed.
Comment by bored – Sunday 11 December 2005, 11:36 AM
  Hmmm a suggestion. A mandatory preview button may make comments more insightful and well thought out. There isn't a lot of emotionally charged writing in this journal but still.
  Take this advice witha grain of salt.

03.12.2005Saturday 3 December – Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire

I entrained for the city, and viewed some potential rentals. I then wandered around the city, vainly pretending it wasn’t one of the hottest days yet, until the evening, when I watched “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” at South Bank, at full adult price—this whole being a non-student thing is expensive. It was a long, large, exciting movie, but overly simplistic and didn’t have any conclusion—very much a teaser for the next movie in the series. I made the mistake of drinking three quarters of a litre of iced coffee, two cups of strong tea, and a little wine. It would appear this combination is not good.
Comment by B. – Monday 5 December 2005, 3:35 PM
  The lack of conclusion wasn't too much of a problem. The lack of any real story line was. He was competing in a competition that he was selected for inexplicably and the competition tests were long and drawn out but ultimately trivial. I am giving it 4/10ths of the book (which i haven't read).
  PS. why do you need to collect email addresses, so that you can send them on to a spamming database?
Comment by io – Monday 5 December 2005, 9:26 PM
  He wants to stalk you.
Comment by Ned – Tuesday 6 December 2005, 11:39 AM
  There is no way of enforcing that the email address entered is correct, so in some respects it is pointless, but it provides commenters with a method of me getting in touch with them, should they wish, and tends to validate their identity.
Comment by reubot – Tuesday 6 December 2005, 10:36 PM
  Where's the relativistic review!?!?!?
Comment by io – Tuesday 6 December 2005, 10:38 PM
  Are you referring to ladder magic?
Comment by reubot – Tuesday 6 December 2005, 10:40 PM
  No I mean Ned's trademark rating system of rating movies relativistically against each other.
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 7 December 2005, 5:28 PM
  It suffered from severe longitudinal shift, bordering on four excel spreadsheet pages, and became unwieldy, difficult to use, and irrelevant. Put simply, a true lie is no longer a true lie.

04.12.2005Sunday 4 December – The Constant Gardener

I woke still feeling unwell, having gone to bed feeling poorly. I’d figured it was from my exciting drink combinations, but Bronwen wasn’t feeling well either, so I’m now going for the secret lover poisoning us both because he or she can’t have her or me. It was also still very hot, so Bronwen and I tottered off to the river, where it was a little cooler, and relaxed there for a while, before heading to Palace Centro to see “The Constant Gardener”. It was quite a moving movie.
Comment by B. – Monday 5 December 2005, 2:14 PM
  You’re an absolute fool. But, (and don't take this as encouragement in any way shape or form), what happens if you have a split personality. Can the jealous love interest be your alter ego? With a Shakespearian love-murder-suicide thing going? …
  It is pointless you having these complete journal entry feeds now. Because you’re hardly writing anymore, the text of the day’s events could practically fit into the one sentence grabs that you give in the normal feeds.
  Anyway, as you can tell boredom has set in at work, but I better go.
Comment by Ned – Tuesday 6 December 2005, 11:44 AM
  Some are long, some are short. Somewhat ironically, the more eventful my life, the less time I have to write journal entries, and the shorter they tend to become. At the same time, the less eventful my life, the less there is to write, so the longest journal entries tend to occur when there is something to write about, but not so much that I do not have the time to write it.

05.12.2005Monday 5 December – Hot, Bible Codes & Amanda

I trained back to Joe’s, having been unable to renew my student ticket due to my student card having expired. I then put the hard drive I got from Maz into the computer and copied a few DVD’s over to the computer for smoother playback, did some washing, and tried my best not to move, as it’s very, very, hot.
I trained back to the city again, then bussed out to uni where I attended, along with Clint and Scruff, a talk about the “Bible Codes” from a member of a committee attempting to disprove that they actually exist. Interestingly, while trivially easy to show that the “codes” seem to be irrelevant in that it is possible to find similar “codes” in any text, including, as demonstrated, “Moby Dick” and the lyrics from popular songs; yet it was not trivially possible to scientifically disprove their validity, and even after a six year attempt, the best disproof this committee could come up with was, at best, unconvincing.
I caught the bus back to the city, then a broken train towards Bowen Hills, arriving late due to its brokenness, and from there out to Amanda’s with Amanda, where I spent the night.
Comment by Damian – Wednesday 7 December 2005, 2:37 PM
  Ned, please come to Melbourne. The invitation will always be there.
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 7 December 2005, 5:27 PM
  Melbourne is definitely the next place I’m planning to visit. No firm times, dates or plans, but pretty soon after I get settled in to work and can get some time I’m thinking.

06.12.2005Tuesday 6 December – Uni, Airports, Gowns & Graduation Tickets

In the morning, after a bit of a sleep in, I drove from Amanda’s into uni, picking up my graduation tickets and checking that gown hire had actually hired me a gown. I then drove out to the airport, waited at the Sir Charles Kingsford Smith memorial for a while, and picked up Dad and Mum, dropping them back to Amanda’s where we all stayed the night.

07.12.2005Wednesday 7 December – Dinner at Joe’s

I dropped Dad and Mum off in town and went and inspected a rental property with Bronwen, which took longer than I thought, before rejoining Dad and Mum for a Govinda’s lunch and a quick look around the city, trip up the clock tower, and so on. We then drove out to Joe’s for dinner, being joined by Bronwen after she finished work, and staying the night there. All had a fairly late night.

08.12.2005Thursday 8 December – Storms & Dinner

I drove Bronwen to work, having slept in longer than planned. Dad, Mum and I left Joe’s and drove back to Amanda’s shortly after midday, and it is so hot that we’re now all having a sort of siesta.
A severe storm warning, along with dire threats of large, damaging hail and a warning call from Amanda resulted in us waiting until after six when all the storms had passed before driving in to Bronwen’s place and having dinner with her and her parent’s, and then driving back out to Amanda’s to sleep.

09.12.2005Friday 9 December – Mount Coot-Tha, City Cat & Curry

Dad, Mum and I relaxed throughout the morning, trying not to move as any movement threatens to push one’s body temperature into fatal heights. We drove to the Mount Coot-Tha lookout, had a look over the city, and then parked at uni. From there we caught a City Cat to South Bank, where Dad and I bought Cold Rock Super Shakes and Mum bought some crazy whistles, and then continued on the City Cat to Brett’s Wharf, and from there back to uni. We then drove into West End, meeting Bronwen at the Punjabi Palace, and having dinner there before driving back out to Amanda’s, where it was surprisingly—but pleasantly—cool.

10.12.2005Saturday 10 December – Hot, Late & Lots of Photos

Amanda dropped me at Ferny Grove, where I would have caught a train into the city had they not all been cancelled so they could install lifts on stations; instead I caught a non air-conditioned articulated bus into the city, where I met Bronwen, went to Govinda’s for lunch, did some shopping, and wandered around in the extreme heat sweating.
I stayed up most of the night cropping individual photos from scanned photo album pages, where all the photos are on slight angles, overlapping each other, upside down, and so on. I got incredibly sick of the monotony after several hours, although I also got amazingly good at using Photoshop’s crop tool, ending up able to rotate and resize it to the precise borders of an image almost subconsciously.

11.12.2005Sunday 11 December – Hot, Relaxing & Somewhat Funny

I was a bit worried my DVD burner wouldn’t work as it has been causing peculiar problems that I suspect are related to not having enough power to run everything, but I removed a DVD reader and hard drive to save power, plugged it in, and it burnt my photo CD without any problems. It is another incredibly hot day—perhaps this is just how hot summer is? I think I’ve wrecked my neck cropping photos all night—bending it isn’t a good idea right now.
I watched “Beverly Hills Cop 2”, which, as stupid as it is, is quite funny and filled in time enjoyably. Now that it’s finally cooled down, I have to entrain city-wards, ideally finding something to eat if I have the time, and then onto Amanda’s.
I trained to the city, catching a roving sub from Subway on the way, met Mum and Amanda at Bowen Hills, drove to Amanda’s, and collapsed into bed rather tired.

12.12.2005Monday 12 December – Graduation

I forgot a belt, so we left Amanda’s earlier than planned, arriving at Bronwen’s earlier than planned, and borrowed one of her father’s belts. From there, we drove out to uni, where I picked up my gown, hood and trencher and watched an instructional video detailing just how to wear them, including showing a woman placing the tassel on her trencher to the left side, from several different angles, just in case someone couldn’t fathom this complex procedure. Being early, we wandered around the union complex area for a while, before heading down to the UQ Centre. I found the “marshalling area”, sat in my prescribed numbered place in a row of many other penguin-looking graduands, and shuffled into exhibition hall. Once seated, we watched several ads for UQ—learning that it is one of the top three universities in Australia, and definitely where you should go if you want to be successful, good looking, or operate complex looking equipment in a biotechnology laboratory—before the university elite arrived, signalling the start of my graduation.
Various dignitaries said a few dignified words, and rows of graduands shuffled up onto stage, had their name announced, and were presented to the chancellor, who in turn presented them with an empty tube. They then shuffled around the back of the audience, collecting their official award certificate and then seating themselves again. Halfway through, Mark gave his valedictory speech, and shortly after I shuffled onto stage myself, had the degree of Bachelor of Information Technology with a major in Networks and Systems given under the common seal of the University of Queensland conferred upon me, received my empty tube, walked behind the audience, was given someone else’s degree, swapped this for my own, and returned to my seat, now a wise, learned graduate. Some eminent someone, whose name escapes me, spoke about giant shoulders for a while, and we all shuffled out, getting chaotically lost for a while, and eventually meeting up with our parent’s, loved ones, and various friends. I wandered around for a while chatting to other graduates, and having photos taken, before wandering around uni to take a few more photos.
Dad, Mum, Bronwen and I walked down to GPS, took a few photos from upper level balconies, in a lab, and from the duck pond; walked back to the great court and took a few photos from there and the main university door outside Forgan Smith, and nearly died from heat exhaustion. I returned my crazy penguin gear (designed to ensure the occupant overheats in the shortest possible time, while being unable to move fast enough to get to an air-conditioned area), picked up my refund, and we all drove to South Bank, where we didn’t find anywhere to celebrate, and ended up at a nice café in Paddington instead, which made very filling nachos, as well as nasty pumpkin things that Mum and Bronwen seemed to like. I was impressed to find that my official academic transcript is printed on a polymer base, complete with see-through window, very similar to Australian banknotes.
Back at Amanda’s, Dad, Mum, Amanda and I argued about everything from the French Revolution and the relative scientificity of psychological paradigms through to present-day terrorism and the differences between American and Australian education, and I realised that I miss intelligent conversation—most of the conversations I have with people are really quite shallow, probably largely because of their age.
Comment by DM – Wednesday 14 December 2005, 2:03 AM
  Congrats Ned.
  Or should I say Ned (BInfTech)?
Comment by Ned – Wednesday 14 December 2005, 9:30 PM
  Thanks ;-)
Comment by Lucas – Wednesday 14 December 2005, 10:32 PM
  Congrats Ned! Do you feel a little reminiscent yet?
Comment by Ned – Thursday 15 December 2005, 12:51 PM
  Thanks. I thought I would miss uni, or feel reminiscent, or something along those lines, but so far I haven’t felt any different—it just feels like I’m on holidays, the same as any other time. My life has been fairly busy though, the past couple of days are the first few I’ve actually had nothing much to do, and I suspect that I wouldn’t like that for too long—but I’ve got a lot of things coming up, so I should be busy again very soon.

13.12.2005Tuesday 13 December – Exhausted

Amanda drove Dad, Mum and I to the airport, where I saw off my parent’s. Amanda then drove me to some shops, where I had only the second milkshake I’ve had since graduating, before dropping me near her work. I caught a bus into the city, had breakfast at Govinda’s, and slept on the train out to Joe’s.
I drove Joe down to his club, sat and relaxed in front of the TV for a while, and walked down to the shops. I bought ice cream, cream, custard, pizza, hired the fourth Lethal Weapon DVD, and then had to battle my way home through a thunderstorm.
Comment by Maz – Tuesday 13 December 2005, 11:46 PM
  So it did storm? That's lucky. I was worried that my doomsday predictions weren't going to come true and I would like like some miserable bastard. Phew.
  Seems like a lot of trouble considering what you bought but at least the ice cream would melt less in a thunderstorm.

14.12.2005Wednesday 14 December – Upstairs

He slept in until it was too hot, then he got up and turned on his fan. This clever move let him go back to bed for a few more hours, until his head began to sweat on his pillow and he was forced to again get up. He decided it was far too hot to move, so he rewrote his syndication feeds generation system, read many pages of random internet wisdom, watched “Beverly Hills Cop 3”, tried ripping “Lethal Weapon 4” multiple times, but was unable to copy the entire movie, and ate lots of ice cream. He then went to bed, feeling strangely unsatisfied with his day, and realising that he has not even been downstairs once the entire day.

15.12.2005Thursday 15 December – Felafels & Sickness

I slept in, caught a train into the city in the afternoon, and bought a felafel roll. This was a mistake, as I felt sick immediately after. I then caught the city cat out to uni to pick up my tutoring evaluation responses, didn’t do the rest of the things I had planned to do due to feeling sick, and instead bussed back to the city and ate dinner at Govinda’s, before training back to Joe’s and watching “Dumb and Dumber”, which truly was dumb.

16.12.2005Friday 16 December – He Died with a Felafel in his Hand

I met Clint in the city and wandered around with him for the afternoon, before going and seeing “He Died with a Felafel in his Hand” at the Roundhouse with Bronwen, Clint and Scruff. I wasn’t overly impressed—it was too farcical, but it was entertaining.

17.12.2005Saturday 17 December – The Globe

Bronwen and I went shopping, looking for, but not finding, a Christmas present, before I met up with Clint and headed down to the Globe to watch “Pulp Fiction” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”. The Globe seems like an interesting movie venue—it’s an old cinema, run by a non-profit club currently interested in cult cinema.
Comment by Jojo – Friday 6 January 2006, 4:53 PM
  Where is the Globe? and does it have a website for screening times?
Comment by Ned – Sunday 8 January 2006, 12:58 PM
  The Globe is next to Brunswick St Station,

18.12.2005Sunday 18 December – Shopping & Packing

I again went looking for a Christmas present with Bronwen, this time purchasing one. I spent the rest of the afternoon packing, or more accurately, watching Bronwen pack.

19.12.2005Monday 19 December – Hay Fever

I trained back to Joe’s, just in time to meet him before he left for a holiday. I seem to have developed hay fever, presumably from the dust and so on from packing.
I looked for amazingly good internet access plans, finding nothing remarkable. I also dropped a DVD back and bought some lollies for my hay fever and some potato biscuits. On the back of the docket there was a special pizza deal, too good to resist, so I also bought pizza, and now I feel sick and have a box of potato biscuits I can’t eat.
Comment by Mum – Saturday 24 December 2005, 1:38 AM
  Alas, alas. Box of potato biscuit not good. Box of wholesome greens much better. Sigh. What shall we do with the lad?

20.12.2005Tuesday 20 December – Paying Bond

I ran around packing things, sorting through thousands of pieces of paper, throwing out lots of old rubbish and getting hay fever. I then caught a train into the city, had lunch at Govinda’s, and went to the bank to try to change a card access number only to find out that I no longer have enough identification to prove ownership of that account, despite having had more than enough when I set it up. A short train ride and a rather hot walk later and I was at the real estate with Bronwen, paying bond and forgetting my hat. We picked up the keys, walked back to the new place, and wandered around in it, thankful it was as good as we remembered in our hasty peruse the other day. The rest of the night was spent packing Bronwen’s things back at her place, and honing my hay fever in the resulting dust.

21.12.2005Wednesday 21 December – Moving In

Bronwen and I packed a full truckload of her stuff, slowly and inefficiently, into her Dad’s truck, and we dropped it down to the new place at Auchenflower. We then drove out to Joe’s, threw my stuff in the back any which way, carefully packing my computer in the back seat, and dropped that at the new place. It is big enough that even with stuff thrown all over the place and mostly still packed, it is neater than my room was when set out—not that my room was the neatest room around.
Bronwen’s Dad, herself and I borrowed a friend’s trailer, packed the large things into it, and dropped them off at the new place; surprisingly managing to get large things I thought would never fit through a small door and around a narrow passageway, through that small door and around that narrow passageway. Bronwen and I then spent our first night in our new place, which was rather hot and sultry (although no more so than anywhere else, apparently something to do with the earth going around the sun) and required the able assistance of a fan.
Comment by sef – Thursday 22 December 2005, 1:20 PM
  What sort of fan? Please include pictures of fan.
Comment by Ned – Thursday 22 December 2005, 2:22 PM
  Dimplex Turbo Tilt with Whirl Feature
Comment by Tom – Sunday 25 December 2005, 7:01 PM
  Congrats to both of u ^^ and congrats on ur graduation.
  I flew to HK right after my exam so i had to miss the grad ceremony of all those gradding this semester :'( I'll visit u guys when i get back ^^ and tell browen the new ipod sux >_< and that the anime is on the way >_< (i remember saying that last year...)
Comment by Ned – Monday 2 January 2006, 4:01 PM
  Thanks, and consider her told!
Comment by B. – Tuesday 3 January 2006, 4:03 PM
  Hi Tom
  Told, translates into sending me URL link to this page. I think it is way of getting me to read himself's journal.
  I'm not really an ipod fan. The only Mac thing that is widely used and I don't go for it (perhaps I just like being different). But $300+ fashion accessories aren't my thing.
  More Naruto would be greatly appreciated, but don't feel hassled. Getting someone else to source and deliver anime to me is lazy even by my standards.
  But yes come visit.
Comment by Maz – Thursday 5 January 2006, 2:04 AM
  B: I think, compared to ned sending you here to be 'told', having someone else deliver stuff is fine.
  Ned: Good luck with the new place and if you need any help with internet sharing and stuff I'll be online.
Comment by Lisa – Thursday 5 January 2006, 7:54 AM
  B: being the girlfriend of a nerd means that all information comes in weblinks. If he's going out tonight, he'll send you a weblink. You ask how his day was, he links you to his journal. Its just the way it is, its like the pony tail, comes as part of the package. I dont really mind it though
Comment by Ned – Thursday 5 January 2006, 8:55 AM
  Thanks Maz. Just waiting on ADSL at the moment.
  Lisa: I am not a nerd! I am not a geek! I am an artiste! Google knows!
  P.S. Ponytails are superior.
Comment by Lisa – Thursday 5 January 2006, 11:45 PM
  You computer types are nerds. Don't take it as an insult. Remember our discussion on Maz's site about nerds being sexy now, which led to the whole geek points thing i think. And i dig the pony tail, I'm trying to grow mine too :P
Comment by io – Saturday 7 January 2006, 1:45 AM
  *shakes head slowly*
  It's no wonder I'm trying to escape into an Arts(Music/?) degree. :-p
  thei: How's Bronwen?

22.12.2005Thursday 22 December – Shopping

I went shopping while Bronwen was at work, buying household things and beginning to turn the new place from a vacant flat into a home.

23.12.2005Friday 23 December – Fireworks & Mary Poppins

I returned the entry condition report to the real estate, finding the nearest corner store in the process. In the afternoon, I caught a train to South Bank and watched some fireworks, followed by “Mary Poppins” on the grass. The fireworks were fantastic, centralised on a single pontoon directly in front, and close enough that sparks and burning embers were landing on Bronwen. While technically inferior to large-scale fireworks such as those used during Riverfire, the proximity made these amazing. They also had heart-shaped red fireworks—I’ve never seen shaped explosions before—and one where heaps of white fireworks went off at the same time, filling the sky. It was amazing.

24.12.2005Saturday 24 December – Hot, Shopping & Cleaning

It was very hot. I went shopping with Bronwen, and had ice cream with unusual black Asian jelly at Id Café. I did my first load of washing at the new place (how homely and exciting!), some cleaning, and some moving of things, slowly getting the place looking normal.

25.12.2005Sunday 25 December – Christmas & My Birthday

Bronwen and I walked to her parent’s place, where we helped set up for dinner, and later, once guests had arrived, played “smash and grab”. Smash and grab is a somewhat unusual take on present giving, where everyone brings an unnamed wrapped gift not worth more than some set value, twenty dollars in this case. People draw numbers from a hat, and the first person gets to choose and unwrap a present. The second person then has the option of either choosing and unwrapping another present, or smashing the first person over the head and stealing their present, and so on. If someone’s present is stolen, they can then choose themselves to either select a new present or steal someone else’s. It was quite a laugh.

26.12.2005Monday 26 December – Woodford

Bronwen’s parent’s and some friends come over for breakfast, later giving us a lift to Di’s, who gives us a lift to Woodford. Traffic was crawling nearly all the way there, so it turned out to be quite a slow lift. We were dropped off in a grassy camping area, setting up our tent and then making our way to the festival shop so I could attend a short training session. There we met Cat and Kat, Kat offering us camping at her camp. We nearly died carrying our esky and other gear to the new camping area, and that pretty much sums up the first afternoon at Woodford.

27.12.2005Tuesday 27 December – Cloud Nine

It is extremely hot and dusty, which is not doing anything good for my moving-induced hay fever, but everything other than that is wonderful. I enjoyed volunteering as a checkout chick, I enjoyed the spectacle that is Woodford, and it’s good to be out of the city, camping on a hill called “Cloud Nine”, along with hundreds of other volunteers.

28.12.2005Wednesday 28 December – That1Guy & his Magic Pipe

Bronwen and I went and saw, amongst many other things, “That1Guy” and his “Magic Pipe”. He is a one-man band with an “instrument” made from large metal irrigation pipe, around seven foot high, with an interesting twist at the top, and on this he plays an amazing synchronicity of rocking funk, forcing the audience to move by his sheer stage presence. I was immensely impressed.

29.12.2005Thursday 29 December – Amazing Woodford

We saw many things, including vaudeville acts, a circus, a twelve foot high Scotsman, ten-foot kangaroos, a very large and apparently out of control robot, a “Feetbus”—a bus carried by human feet, and innumerable stage acts, making for a satisfyingly exhaustive day.

30.12.2005Friday 30 December – Amazing Insanity

Woodford is crazy. One minute you’re watching Spanish flamenco, the next you’re wandering through dusty crowds, and then you’re witnessing a bus without wheels, carried entirely by its occupants, being boarded by fiddle-playing pirates—a scene directly out of an insane movie. Then, just around the corner, there’s a circus performing on the side of the road, and a little further, there’s a twenty-foot high dragon, spitting light and smoke. Then I wander down to the festival shop, and pretend I’m a checkout chick for four hours, after which I venture out into the amazing insanity once again.

31.12.2005Saturday 31 December – Hilltop Camping

Another amazing day of sensual overload, followed by an amazing night, surrounded by unrealistic creatures that waft through the night, made for another amazing Woodford experience.
We carried our mattresses up to the hilltop stage, where we slept the night surrounded by other crazy people doing the same. It is somehow nice, in a rather primal way, to sleep unprotected, surrounded by trusting humanity.

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