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Year View| Summary| Highlights| January 2006 (Month View)

01.01.2006Sunday 1 January – The Year of Work

I woke up to the new year when some Tibetans began chanting, finding myself lying with hundreds of other people on a hilltop, and the dawn just beginning to break. After watching the sunrise over the horizon, I went back to sleep, waking again when it got too hot, and carrying my camping mat back to the tent, waiting in a queue for ages, finally having a quick shower, and rushing down to the shop to prepare for the first eight thirty shirt.
Surprisingly, the shop was busier today than any other day. I guess all the people who hadn’t yet bought anything now were.
Bronwen and I finished work around the same time, and spent the rest of the day watching random acts, culminating in the closing ceremony. The closing fire ceremony was quite spectacular. Thousands of people camped out at the natural amphitheatre, with nothing happening for quite some time. Eventually, an aboriginal made fire with sticks, lighting a torch, which then lit an explosive fuse that ran instantaneously up a wooded hill, setting off fireworks. Then, in the resulting gloom, an unrealistically large, spectacularly close moon was seen slowly progressing across the sky, eventually revealing itself as an earth, coming to rest to our left as thousands of lit paper-lamps walked across our field of vision, not doing a great deal. A plethora of strange oversized lit paper constructions, and numerous fire things, along with music from the stage, filled in the gap until a large trebuchet fired a flare at a large sun and moon construction, which turned out to be full of various fireworks, burning dramatically until all that was left was a pile of sparks.

02.01.2006Monday 2 January – Brisbane

Bronwen and I got a lift back to Brisbane with a man camped in the camp just across from ours, and spent a relaxing day recovering from the sensual excesses of Woodford.

03.01.2006Tuesday 3 January – Sick

I’ve developed a twenty-four hour flu—unsurprisingly given the amount of dust I ingested at Woodford, and am very sick and unable to do much at all. Despite my weakened state, I eventually managed to make my way up to the real estate and set up our rental payments, and do a bit of shopping in town.

04.01.2006Wednesday 4 January – Relaxing

I woke up feeling much better, but still weak. I had a look around at the plethora of ADSL plans on offer, selecting and signing up for an Exetel ADSL plan. It got very hot, and I felt rather weak after this, so spent the rest of the day relaxing, finishing off with dinner at a curry place at Rosalie.

05.01.2006Thursday 5 January – Cleaning Joe’s

I headed out to Joe’s to do a final cleanup, finding a note from Tonya that her door had been forced, presumably while she wasn’t there, and asking if I had any clue why or how. I stopped by the shops on the way, buying some clothes, and buying groceries in the city on the way back.
I had planned to cook dinner for Bronwen, and watch the second Lethal Weapon movie, but she stopped off at the shops on the way home and arrived too late.

06.01.2006Friday 6 January – Centrelink & Uni

A train was caught to Centrelink in Toowong, who were suitably told that I have moved. A bus then found me catching it to uni, where mail was picked up, a direct debit authorisation form posted to Exetel, the helpdesk visited, and a chat with Dr Soon had. A bus then allowed me to catch it back from uni to the city, where shops sold me things, and another bus drove me home.

07.01.2006Saturday 7 January – Narnia

Moved furniture about. Walked to town and did shopping. Went and saw “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe” at South Bank, which was enjoyable but overly simplistic—reflecting its children’s book heritage I suppose.

08.01.2006Sunday 8 January – Good Night & Good Luck

I had a quiet day, watching “Good Night and Good Luck” at the Palace Centro with Bronwen at night.

09.01.2006Monday 9 January – Faster Online

ADSL was connected today, providing me with a faster, and always-on, connection. Other than that, a reasonably relaxing and uneventful day ensued.

10.01.2006Tuesday 10 January – Nothing Much

I messed around with Clint, being unproductive but enjoying it.

11.01.2006Wednesday 11 January – Wireless

I bought a wireless router and setup wireless here, finally removing the cable that was running halfway across the house. Somewhat worryingly, that’s all I can remember of today.

12.01.2006Thursday 12 January – The Legend of Zorro

After a relaxing morning making a few phone calls, Clint and I drove out to Mount Gravatt and after a short bushwalk, found some rather large, and relatively unknown, caves. This made us hot, so we stopped at a supermarket where Clint bought coke and twenty-four sausage rolls, and I banana milk, soft drink and ten ice creams.
After eating a lovely curry Bronwen made, Clint and I went and saw “The Legend of Zorro” at South Bank. We were expecting it to be extremely bad, after it got one out of ten in a review, but it was extremely entertaining and quite amusing, in its own crappy way. We finished off the night with a drive around Mount Coot-Tha.

13.01.2006Friday 13 January – Contact Bond

Clint and I drove to Toowong, so I could pick up some mail, and then to Kenmore, via Cold Rock in Indooroopilly, to buy contact bond. I then contact bonded floor to floor, in a very touching way, and with several bricks.
Comment by Maz – Sunday 15 January 2006, 12:01 PM
  What did you do with bricks? Did Clint have purple hair at this point?
  Plenty of cold rocks here when they're left out in the snow.
Comment by Ned – Sunday 15 January 2006, 12:19 PM
  It’s actually not very interesting—the bricks sat on a piece of wood, which sat on a piece of linoleum, which sat on a layer of contact bond, which sat on a wooden backing plate, which sat on the floor. Clint’s hair had not yet changed colour.
Comment by Mum – Monday 16 January 2006, 8:54 PM
  Clint's hair not yet changed colour? Why not? Is Friday the 13th after all. The best time for one's hair to change colour. All by it self.
   Bat's toenails, witch's brew, eye of newt..
   Witches brew up here was a monster mud bog en route from my little job to home, which I did not even think about traversing, going to friend's place for the night instead. Don't think I shall ever become accustomed to "driving" down the road sideways. Two trucks had gone off the road on the same mud bog, on Friday the 13th, one of them perilously aslant, so I was not going to even contemplate it on a Friday 13th, not that I believe all that jazz, um, but then again......

14.01.2006Saturday 14 January – Clint’s Birthday Bash

Bronwen and I went shopping, returning the ridiculous cheese slicer that doesn’t slice cheese, and getting keys recut. The first cut, they didn’t even fit in the locks, let alone turn them. This time, one actually fits, and will turn the lock with difficulty. The other key still doesn’t fit in the lock, so I’m not overly impressed with these key cutters.
Bronwen and I made our way to the Good Knight Bar, to witness Clint’s twenty-first birthday spectacle, and eat some pancakes. A good night was had, ending up at the Casino, and I think everyone managed to survive.
Comment by Maz – Sunday 15 January 2006, 12:25 PM
  Maybe your cheese cutter that doesn't cut cheese would do a better job cutting keys?
Comment by Ned – Sunday 15 January 2006, 12:30 PM
  It couldn’t do much worse, although I don’t know whether the key cutter could cut cheese. How much cheese could a key cutter cut if a key cutter could cut cheese?
Comment by Mum – Monday 16 January 2006, 8:58 PM
  Happy 21st birthday Clint.
Comment by Clint – Tuesday 17 January 2006, 2:04 AM
  Thank you Mrs Martin.
  The story of the hair purpling is a bit of an epic - a lot like the Iliad really, except without all that dodgy homosexuality and with women's tennis and Tooheys Pils in there somewhere as well. Dunno about the whole Greece part either, although I think the tennis players were from Belgium which is sort of near there.
Comment by Ned – Tuesday 17 January 2006, 1:58 PM
  Clint has managed to survive, so far, but it is not known if the hair dye has managed to reach his brain, and if it can ever be removed if it has.
Comment by Mum – Tuesday 17 January 2006, 7:28 PM
  Purple haze!! (For all you youngsters, this is the title of a Jimi Hendrix song)
Comment by Clint – Wednesday 18 January 2006, 12:08 PM
  I prefer 'Purple Rain', that wonderful movie starring (and perhaps scripted by) Prince.
  How come I can't type out his symbol on my keyboard?
Comment by Mum – Saturday 28 January 2006, 7:28 PM
  Wills or Harry?

15.01.2006Sunday 15 January – Pizza

Bronwen goes to her parent’s place for the morning. I glue things, flash the router with DD-WRT firmware, and try, unsuccessfully, to work out how to monitor individual ports’ traffic without running a server.
Three pizzas are taken to Mt Coot-Tha, and in the dark, eaten—Clint, Bronwen and Ned slink away with Pepsi.

16.01.2006Monday 16 January – Keys & Rental Applicants

I spend the morning not finding the statistical analysis of teaching evaluations that I need to find, and then head off to put up rental notices at the Wesley, and from there, uni. I meet Clint at uni, and we go searching for noticeboards that will never be exposed to IT or engineering types, and place rental notices upon them in such a way that intelligent and feminine eyes will find them. We then make our way, very slowly, to the city, where I get keys cut.
Alex, our first rental applicant, is met at the train station and shown around the house. After this, Clint and we go Microwave hunting, finally running one down in a shopping trolley, as it was trying to hide under a table.
Bronwen and I walked up to the train station and met Alex. He is from Zimbabwe, but of Greek Orthodox heritage. He seemed friendly, chatting about Zimbabwe, himself, and what he wanted from a share house. He was quite worried about noise, saying that as his parents are paying full fees for his education, he can’t afford to fail anything, and that he studies “militarily”, even though he’s doing business at QUT—not something that has a reputation for being overly difficult. He says that he’s the sort of bloke “people want to be around” when he’s not in studying mode, and was concerned about the location of the nearest cheap fresh fruit, vegetable and bread store.

17.01.2006Tuesday 17 January – Uni & Aboriginal Art

I clean the microwave and modify a website, before going to uni with Clint, via the St Lucia bakery. At uni, I get a new student card, climb through a hedge and knock on a window to get let into the teaching and education development institute—somewhat ironically, given UQ’s recent awards for excellence in teaching—and then go on a search for the hidden teaching evaluations department; they end up being through a small door behind an external stairwell, where no one would ever think to look. Once found, they print out my required teaching evaluation, which I drop off at ITEE, and Clint and I go walking around an aboriginal loop, coming across ludicrous “aboriginal artefacts” such as a ring of painted white rocks, carved stones complete with snapped drills still embedded in them, and “Wattyl Ochre” cave paintings.
I was about to head over to Kieran’s, but someone called, wanting to see the rooms we’re trying to rent. Nearly three quarters of an hour later, Nitin and a friend arrived, and we showed them around the house. Clint arrived shortly after they left, and we drove over to Kieran’s, where we argued philosophically until the wee hours of the morning.
Nitin arrived with a female friend. Both were dark, I’d guess northern African, but not Negro. The girl he came with chatted to Bronwen, while I chatted to him. He didn’t seem to care about much, saying he was happy to take any room that anyone offered him, making it hard to really judge anything about him, and that he’d stayed in a seven-person share house before. Both had quite strong accents of some type, making it a little difficult to understand them. He was currently looking for work, and mentioned that he sometimes likes to cook and spends all day in the kitchen.

18.01.2006Wednesday 18 January – Fingers

Bronwen—who was home after nearly breaking a finger—and I had a lazy morning, going shopping in the afternoon, and showing Kalina around the place at night.
Kalina came around with her boyfriend, and had a very quick look through the place. She said she was looking for something more fully furnished, and hence wasn’t interested. Both rooms have inbuilt wardrobes, and one has a double bed, small vanity and table, and there’s plenty of chairs around, so I’m not sure what she was really after.

19.01.2006Thursday 19 January – Job Hunting

I had a quiet day at home, eating breakfast, looking through online job ads, eating lunch, showing two girls around the place, eating dinner, and going to bed.
The first girl, I neglected to get her name, turned up just after six o’clock, and left just before Bronwen got home. She was looking on behalf of her brother or cousin, who is currently in China, and who has been in Australia for six months. Despite me attempting to make it clear over the phone that we would need to see the person who was moving in to make a decision, she thought that she could have a look, talk to her friend, and place a deposit on his behalf. The second girl, Rachel, arrived around half past seven. She had a quick look around the place, a quick chat, and left to look at some other places, saying she’d ring or text over the weekend to let us know if she was interested in the place. She’s apparently just received notice that she has to move out of her place, and has also just transferred from one QUT campus to another, and was flustered and had had a hectic day. She seems to be the first “normal” person we’ve had come look at the rooms.

20.01.2006Friday 20 January – Underworld

I spent a quiet morning, meeting Kieran after lunch and going grog and microwave bulb buying with him. I showed a bloke around the house in the afternoon, unfortunately before Bronwen arrived home, and went shopping after.
Tom, along with his mother, turned up around twenty past six and had a look through the place. He graduated from engineering at UQ last year and is now working in Spring Hill. While it is impossible to tell from such a short meeting, at best guess I would say he was a reasonable person, possibly a little on the shy side, quite probably a fairly typical engineering graduate. He said he has a computer, and plays some computer games but is not that into them.
Clint and I saw “Underworld” at South Bank, and continued our late-night driving escapades, turning the wrong way up a one-way road in front of a police car, then proceeding to drive the wrong way down said road, turning into a no through road that turned onto another no through road, and so on.
Comment by Mum – Sunday 22 January 2006, 8:33 PM
  Am interested in your promise to "view all the highlights for 2006". Wow. Aint even happened yet!

21.01.2006Saturday 21 January – Exploring

Bronwen and I went exploring, finding the shortest routes to bus stops and the city, with the help of Google Earth, which unhelpfully crashes randomly on this machine. On the way home, we discovered a supermarket not much further than a (very large) block from here that is open until midnight every day.
I messed around with remote assistance, connecting to Mum’s computer via her 28k dialup connection, and managing to get her email working again. It’s amazing that a full graphical interface works so well over such a slow connection—the command line is so very obsolete. After this geeky interlude, Clint came around and we went for a walk through the darkened suburbs, up a random hill with a nice view over the city.

22.01.2006Sunday 22 January – Phone Cabling

I got lost on the way to Jaycar, made my way to Dick Smith’s, bought twenty metres of phone cable, moved the phone and all the geeky computer gear in the lounge room to the bedroom, where it can coexist happily with all my geeky gear already there. I then had to run the phone line back out to the lounge room again for the VoIP phone. To finish off a geeky day, Clint and Sméagol dropped off my very heavy 28 inch monitor and a bar fridge.

23.01.2006Monday 23 January – Blank

I remember nothing of today.

24.01.2006Tuesday 24 January – Microwave Bulbs

I went looking for microwave bulbs to suit our microwave, finding out that they’re horribly rare and being unable to find any. I then had dinner at the Indus, who do a two-for-one deal on Tuesdays. Traffic work on the road near here has seen a lot of traffic diverted past our place, making for a noisy night.

25.01.2006Wednesday 25 January – Jarhead

Two girls and one bloke phoned to look at our rooms today. One girl subsequently found another room, less than two hours after phoning, and the other two came around in the afternoon to check out the rooms.
I applied for a position as a Gaming Technician. I suspect I won’t actually get the job as I don’t fully fit the criteria and feel that they are looking for people more qualified than myself, but I figure it is worth a try.
Natalie arrived to look at the room. She has a car and some furniture, and would want to store both in the garage. She definitely wants an internet connection, but may not want to use the phone—she said in her previous place that she paid her part of the line rental as they had ADSL but her mobile has a cap so she only uses that. She graduated Business from UQ in November and currently works at the RE as a barmaid. She said she’d call back early next week if interested, but not to lose any sleep if we didn’t hear back from her as she’s just begun looking around and still has several other places to check out. She seemed friendly, not overly shy, and relatively normal, asking questions when she felt it was necessary, including asking what we were paying for rent. She said she was interested in cooking, and checked the condition of the oven and asked what cooking arrangements we had.
Hilton turned up a little early, in a shirt and tie, having just popped in from his real estate job. He was quite forthcoming, a little overbearing, and said he has been in share houses for four or so years, and enjoys them for the experience. He had a look through the house, talking all the time, and began making plans for when he moved in, such as a Sunday roast and getting a dartboard. He said he’d find out when the house was built, and call us back later—which he did, having been unable to find when the house was built, but when it was last sold.
Bronwen and I saw “Jarhead” at the Regent. It is a graphic, powerful movie, and was very, very loud. We then walked to, and had dinner at, Toowong memorial park—enjoying the luscious and healthy mosquitoes—before walking through Toowong and back home along the river.

26.01.2006Thursday 26 January – Australia Day

Bronwen and I walked to South Bank, where we went on a free paddle ship cruise on the innovatively named “River Queen”, got sunburnt, watched the Australia Day parade, and lost hearing from a ridiculously loud fireworks extravaganza. We finished off the day by watching “Lethal Weapon 3”.

27.01.2006Friday 27 January – Hot

It got very hot, and I didn’t feel like sitting around at home, so I went to town and window shopped, hoping to meet Bronwen on her way home, but missing her.
I applied for a position as a technical assistant within the lottery industry.

28.01.2006Saturday 28 January – A flatmate appears

Marjorie came around to look at our rooms, who we liked, and subsequently phoned back to tell that she could have a room if she wanted. We then walked into town to buy pots so I can grow some parsley, instead of buying it for the ridiculous amount it now costs. I also went hunting for the fabled home brand two-minute noodles, but as usual, no one had any. I cunningly avoided meeting the woman who served us when we were taking back my dysfunctional cheese slicer. Some time later, we got a phone call accepting our offer of a room.
Bronwen and I went food hunting, bumping into the famous Lachlan on his nightly prowl. Surviving the encounter, we continued to Windmill’s, eating the second best pizza in the world—not much could beat a Lion’s Den pizza.

29.01.2006Sunday 29 January – Arguing, Flat-mating & Rocking

Our new flatmate, Marjorie, moved in, we filled out lots of paperwork, she headed back to the city, and we went to the shops to get exciting things, like rocks, cans of tomatoes, parsley seeds, and toothbrush holders. Later on, we had an argument, resolved our argument, had lunch, digested our lunch, and relaxed around the house.
I planted my parsley.

30.01.2006Monday 30 January – Fridge Man

I phoned the real estate to let them know their fridge didn’t work when we turned it on yesterday. I then went to the hardware to investigate bed slats, finding them too expensive, and sat around all day waiting for the fridge man to call back, something he never did. It was very hot, and not very exciting.

31.01.2006Tuesday 31 January – Queen’s Batons, Cheerleaders & American Pie

I again phoned the real estate about the fridge. Apparently yesterday was a hectic day, she’s faxed them something with “urgent” all over it, and they should call today. I then went into town to buy a dish drying rack, but there are no dish dying racks in Brisbane, apparently due to some action at the ports.
The fridge man is going to come tomorrow morning, so I went to Toowong, no longer having to wait around all day for the fabled fridge man. I got four DVD’s, “Nicotina”, “The Hunt for Red October”, “Jacki Chan’s First Strike”, and “Blade Trinity”. I met two American girls on the bus heading back into the city, who were doing a travel-writing course from UQ, were on a sort of informational treasure hunt, and needed to meet someone like me to complete it. This gave me a fantastic idea to reinvigorate the sad state of BITS, and turn it into UQ’s premier club—the one everyone wants to be in but can’t because their lunch hour is shorter than the queues at the ticket office. I then watched the Queen’s Baton Relay, which was mildly interesting, seeing some famous Olympians, watching the traffic get very messed up, and two human-sized geckos climb down from the clock tower. Unfortunately they had Australia’s only cheerleading display, so the American girls, who I suspect were cheerleaders back home, got a very sadly biased view of Australia’s similarity with their own cheerleading culture.

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