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Year View| Summary| Highlights| June 2002 (Month View)

01.06.2002Saturday 1 June

Once again I slept in. Two late nights in a row have made me a bit sleepy; it seems to be the reaction I always have. I woke up to find that Sarah and Vince were here, so I hurriedly brushed my hair and got dressed and went inside. I had a quiet day, as usual. The temperature plummeted in the afternoon, dropping well below liveable limits, so I had to put trousers and fat socks on, and huddle here in front of my space-heating computer. I crawled into bed with all my clothes on at about 2:20 AM.

02.06.2002Sunday 2 June – The dark lady of the waters

I woke up at 11 AM. I enjoy sleeping in on Sunday, although this week I’ve done quite a bit of sleeping in already. I relaxed and went on IRC, did some web surfing and generally just sat around. It is quite cold (it’s flaming freezing!).
I went for a walk over to Home Rule at about three o’clock. I saw Gary and Marriette at the new playground opposite the markets so I popped down to say hello to them while I was walking past. They had someone from Melbourne with them, making a documentary about the area and the upcoming Wallaby Creek Folk Festival so he interviewed and filmed me for a few minutes. It was very cold on the way out to Home Rule. I got chilled and went quite red. I stayed a bit late, and got chilled again, in the gathering dark, on the walk home. Just as darkness descended fully, and as I was reaching the bridges, I saw the most peculiar bright flashes coming from up ahead on the road. I assumed a car was coming but nothing came. Once I got to the top of the bridges, I could see these bright almost lightning like flashes coming from... the water. Almost scared and quite puzzled, I kept walking and met a lady on the bridge, in the dark, taking photos of the water. I have no idea why or what she hoped to get pictures of. After a short walk from there back up here to home, I jumped in a nice hot shower, had dinner, went on Chat some more and edited and proofread my journals and made them available online, and am now going to bed. It is three o’clock.

03.06.2002Monday 3 June – Accident on the Home Rule road

After yet another late night last night, I awoke late again. I had a stock-standard and quite boring day up until about three, when Shan came online and told me there had been an accident on the Home Rule road. I got my camera and walked down to the Bridges, where I met Shan and Ella on their motorbikes, and got doubled out to the halfway spot. It looks like the car had taken a corner too fast, oversteered, over-corrected the oversteer and then gone of a drop on the side of the road. It must have been a pretty terrible accident, with the car falling into a gully about 2 metres deep, and landing upside down on the opposite bank of the gully. The chassis is twisted and wrecked; the car is a total write-off. So far as I know the lady driver is unhurt.
  After taking a few photos, Shan, Ella and I continued on out to their place, where I took some more photos of them riding their motorbikes. After the walk home last night, I didn’t want to leave too late, so I left a bit earlier and got home while it was still just light. As usual, I had a shower and came and chatted online.
I downloaded mIRCStats, which is a program that converts mIRC chat logs into a web page showing various statistics. I was unable to use my logs, as they aren’t in a compatible format, so I messed around for quite some time until I managed to get some statistics out of them. After manually opening each daily log (all 141 of them) and using a find/replace function to get them into a compatible format, I produced some 141-day statistics about my chat and #20+SwampBoogie, the channel that I chat on.
  From Monday 14 Jan 2002 to Monday 3 Jun 2002 (141 days) 518 people visited #20+swampboogie, the busiest time is midday. A total of 235,130 lines were spoken (or typed, rather), with myself topping the list with 71923 lines (although seeing as I’m the person that logs, and I’m not logging 24 hours a day, the statistics will be skewed in my favour) followed by lulu with 42695; then Dicaprio at 15364, followed by aniky, Masta, krait, Swampmonster, hj, LynxofCP and Harmony.

04.06.2002Tuesday 4 June

Needless to say, I once again slept in. Nothing of any interest happened today. I bought a $2.60 Heaven ice cream and a musk stick from the local shop. How boring is that? I am supposed to be writing poetry at this moment, but I’ve run out of ingredients, so I am writing this instead. After an uneventful afternoon, I had an uneventful dinner, and fell to bed at 3 AM.

05.06.2002Wednesday 5 June

There was no amazing event today, which I should write here, so I shall write nothing.

06.06.2002Thursday 6 June

Today is a day devoid of interest.

07.06.2002Friday 7 June – June Weekend

Jade came around lunchtime and we drove in to Cooktown. Surprisingly, we didn’t hit anything. She had to hang some paintings at both the art places, so I headed off and wandered around town, heading out to Ricci’s in the afternoon, where I stayed the night. I had chips from Gill’d n Gutt’d down at the wharf for dinner and wandered past the carnival which had opened, on the way back out to Ricci’s.

08.06.2002Saturday 8 June – June Weekend

I woke up. Yes, really.
I strolled the half hour or so from Ricci’s up into town, in time for the Grand Parade.
  A small progression of floats, cars, walkers and horses make their way down the main street. The police, who flank the parade, cop a motley assortment of projectiles thrown at them while the fire brigade with their fire engine water the onlookers. The parade was smaller than last year, as were the crowds. The Mobile Esky competition followed, so I went and watched. For the first time this year, they set up a stage in the park, and had live bands all evening and into the night. This I also watched, on and off. The truck pull, I looked at for a short amount of time, it really isn’t that interesting so I didn’t stay, this was followed by the “Strictly wet T-Shirt” competition, in which one contestant removed her shirt, mooned the crowd and was arrested for indecent exposure. I spent the night watching the live bands in the park with Ricci, getting to bed some time after two.

09.06.2002Sunday 9 June – June Weekend

I wandered into town in time for the of Cook’s original landing at Cooktown, when he beached his ship, the Endeavour, for repairs after running aground (a-reef?) on the Endeavour reef. As in previous years, the re-enactment was slightly delayed, and overall not that interesting. Some “natives” mill about, followed by some “marines” who row up the river, slosh through the mud and walk around while the “natives” hide. Shortly after the arrival of the “marines” “Captain Cook” and his other officers arrive in their boat. They all get off, find a fire, and pretend to look serious. A seaman cuts his foot, as he does every year. Some other seamen row out a short way and catch a nice filleted coral trout, and yet another sees a flying fox which he thinks is the devil. The organisers have tried to blend a small amount of humour into the re-enactment to make it more interesting I guess. The “natives” run out and steal a fish, which the “marines” find exciting, “Captain Cook” offers the natives some beads from the local dollar store, the “marines” erect a flagpole in record time, and fire a six gun salute. Which makes a loud bang.
  Everyone wanders up to the cannon, which is fired by the winner from the raffle I forgot to mention they hold at the re-enactment. This makes an even louder bang and brings the time to 11 o’clock. I rushed up to the Internet café to see if I could install the Sony drivers for my Camera, which I successfully did after finding them at I then had to grab a taxi back out to Ricci’s and back again, to get my USB lead for the camera. This cost $10. Apparently, the police had pulled the taxi over and inspected their taxi license at the busiest time last night. Typical.
  I offloaded the images on my memory sticks, and rushed up to the Soapbox Derby, which had already started. I took a few photos of it, and then wandered down to the pie eating competition, which is as foolish as it sounds. Teams of two compete, they aren’t allowed to touch the pies with their hands and must also drink a bottle of water. The first team member rushes from the starting position to a table that has his pie and cup (with bottle) of water on it. He then has to eat his pie and drink his bottle of water (using the cup) in a neat manner, using only his fork and knife. Once he’s finished both of these, he can run and tag his partner back at the start line, who then runs up to the table and does the same thing. It is all a silly bit of fun, and not a great deal of people bothered to come and watch.
  I bought some salad from the Supermarket and walked down to the raft race. Four teams took part in this race, where the aim is more to sink the competition than it is to actually win. The police motored up and down in their police rubber-ducky to scare the crocs away. The Endeavour Butchery team had made fake (at least I hope it was fake) meat from something, and threw this at as many people as they could.
  The Tug-O-War was next, which I find quite boring, but it is popular, so I wandered back up to the Top Pub to have a look. When I got there, they were having a wet T-shirt competition, which wasn’t on the “official guide” of things to be had. Neither that or the tug-o-war interested me much, so I just took a couple of photos and wandered the dusty half hour back out to Ricci’s.
  She wasn’t home.
  I rested at Ricci’s for nearly an hour, and charged my camera battery back up. My legs are starting to feel all the standing and walking, as are my toes. The fireworks, which had been planned for 10:30, have been moved back up to 7 o’clock; so I made my way down to see them. I stopped to phone Mum on the way, and missed the first few fireworks. They were launched from a boat out in the harbour, and looked nice. “Moulin Rouge” which I found to be quite good followed a kids screening of a few “Popeye the Sailor Man” episodes. The movies were played from a DVD on an X-Box, using a projector, and worked really quite well.
  After the movies, it was back up to the Top Pub to watch the band, which was playing there for a while, but I was too tired, so I headed back out to Ricci’s and went to bed. I think it was probably just after midnight, but I’m not sure.

10.06.2002Monday 10 June – Queen’s Birthday Holiday

I woke up around seven, and with great inner strength, managed to actually get up. I wandered the half hour or so from Ricci’s place into town, buying a chocolate milk and pack of twisties at the Ampol service station on the way past. I then made my way, very slowly and painfully, up the awfully steep Grassy Hill, all 162 metres of it. It was windy. I should rephrase that. It was EXTREMELY windy. I had to hold onto the railing up the top, to stop from blowing over, and I wasn’t able to hold the camera still for the force of the wind on my arms. After taking a few photos, I hurried down to the lookout (which isn’t far from the top) and took some more photos, then back down to the bottom and down to the Internet shop where I collapsed into a chair and burnt my pictures onto a CD. I have taken 335.
  After regaining some strength I made my way back out to Ricci’s, where I lay down with a sore throat, sore toes, sore eyes, and generally all worn out. Jade came around 5 o’clock and Ricci and I got a lift out to Rossville, myself very glad to be back home and able to rest. On the way back we picked up a man trying to get a lift back to Wujal Wujal. He had gotten a flat tyre about 10 kilometres outside Wujal Wujal and hitched into town (a good 60 KM or more) but as it is a public holiday, no one was able to fix his tyre, so he was on his way back, still with his flat tyre. We could only take him as far as here, and left him with still another 20 KM or more to go as dusk fell.
  After I got home, I compressed a few photos and made a quick web page to show my friends from chat, and then fell into bed just after 1 AM. My eyes are so sore, I can’t move them up or down, or side-to-side, without it hurting. I think the sand and wind from Grassy Hill has sandblasted them.

11.06.2002Tuesday 11 June – New Car

Mum has bought a new car. A $400 ’81 Honda Accord from Glen. He bought it at the wreckers in Cairns apparently.

12.06.2002Wednesday 12 June

Mum drove to town today and got the new car registered.

13.06.2002Thursday 13 June

I am sick. My throat hurts, my eyes hurt, my head hurts, my nose runs. It seems staying up late, walking heaps, not drinking any water, and getting totally worn out over the weekend, has lowered my resistance enough to allow this nasty flu that is going around to attack me. I have been resting and sleeping during the day, which means I’m not so tired at night, so I have been staying up late. The thing that worries me most, I am only just over my collapsed lung, which seems to have been caused in part by a flu I caught back then. I hope my lung stays OK.

14.06.2002Friday 14 June

I slept until after midday. Very lazy indeed, but I woke feeling much better.
  I had a restful day; I am hoping if I rest, I will be better by tomorrow. I tried MSN voice chat to Shan while he was in town at the library, it works quite well. Apart from that, I did very little. The local rag says 3500 to 4000 people attended the June Weekend. It is now 6 AM – I am going to bed.

15.06.2002Saturday 15 June

After the late night last night, I didn’t get up until nearly midday. I feel physically much better today. I think if I take it easy and rest, I can be over this flu by tomorrow. I went on chat all day, trying to rest so I can shake this nasty flu before it does something to my lung.

16.06.2002Sunday 16 June – I got depressed

I woke up only slightly later than what a person should wake, for a change.
  I hereby declare my flu over; I have only the tiniest remains of it now, the only good news of today.
  I am depressed.
  My sister came out. It’s funny, she’s depressed too, and now she seems to have caught this flu that is going around. Depression is a terrible thing, stuff that seemed OK before, all crowds in and all seems depressing. In my current mood, everything seems wrong. It just takes one event to set off depression, and then all my worries, which I had pushed to the background and was handling, all jump on me at once and pound me into the ground. At the moment I feel as though I have no future, will fail my studies, and have no idea what to do next, no friends... depression. Today is the first day I have broken down and cried in my mother’s arms in an awfully long time. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I did. She pointed out the wet spot where my sister had been crying just before me. Weird. Maybe it’s the moon? Come evening time, I walked out to see Shan, he met me halfway and I had a talk to him about everything, which helped a bit. It got quite dark, as it is wont to do, so he drove me back in Jade’s car. Ah, sigh. I feel terrible. This insidious depression manages to slither its way into every facet of my life, turning everything into a hopeless quagmire of despair. I see no future, the things I am doing now seem pointless. I don’t even have any chocolate.
  I have decided. I shall go jump off a cliff.
  I just need to find one small enough so I don’t risk accidentally hurting myself.

17.06.2002Monday 17 June

After a considerably late night last night, Mum woke me up and we went in to town early, to catch Sarah before she went to school. She went to the doctors, and has a urinary tract infection. I went down to Computer Stuff and went on the Internet for an hour while helping a man transfer pictures from his digital camera onto the PC and then ultimately onto a CD. Due to buggy something, and the PC freezing up every second photo which was transferred, this took quite some time. I then rushed up to the library as I was sure Mum would have been waiting there for ages, but she wasn’t, so I jumped on one of their PC’s and came on chat. It’s a great thing for wasting or filling in time. I tried to buy some wire to fix Malarchy’s sliding wire, but they didn’t have any in until tomorrow. The new car seems to go OK. An uneventful drive back home ensued, stopping in at Black Mountain to take some photos on the way. I upgraded ACDSee so that it would work properly with image metadata and started adding an image description to my photos. I went to bed after 1 o’clock, not so depressed as yesterday.

18.06.2002Tuesday 18 June

I woke just before 8 o’clock, but was extremely tired. I got up and did a few things, but went for a “ten minute” lie-down. A few hours later, as midday was coming by, I got up again. This kind of ruined my good intentions of studying hard all day, which were totally smashed by discovering “The Panorama Factory”, a panorama-stitching program, which joins individual photos together and makes panoramic images from them. It is really good; it sure beats doing it manually with Photoshop. So I made several panoramas from the images I had, and redid the ones I had already made. I went for a short walk in the evening, thinking about life, and the future and various other depressing topics. I have to pull myself from this depression, but I’m not sure how yet.

19.06.2002Wednesday 19 June

Chemistry was a record 1-hour today, to do two weeks worth. Due to the somewhat late night, and the fact that I didn’t write down what I did today, my memory of events is somewhat dimmed. As Becky says:
  (Becky): you got up early and studied
  (Becky): and later took a longish nap and could not sleep that night (Becky): which was bad coz you had to go to the docs early [tomorrow]
  (Becky): so that was the main things of your day as I remember.... of course you chatted a wee bit too :))
  I went to bed at 4:40 AM

20.06.2002Thursday 20 June

I woke up at 7:30. Less than 3 hours sleep. We left for town not long after 8 o’clock. Needless to say, I was slightly tired. In fact, I was rather tired. I checked my mail, went to the police station to renew my driver’s licence (which they only do on Mondays and Wednesdays so I could not) and then rested for an hour at Computer Stuff, where I came on chat and pretended not to be asleep. At a quarter to eleven I had a doctor’s appointment, so I made my way up to the surgery by that time for an ear syringe. Dr Hill looked in my ears, and sent me to a nurse, who did three large squirts of their syringe, and that was that. Straight away I could hear properly again. I went up to the library and rested at their PC, on the Internet again, pretending to be awake again. I bought some new wire for Malarchy’s new and improved wire run. Not long after getting home, Shan phoned up, and came and got me on his motorbike, to help him get Ella’s Macintosh talking to his PC. We managed to get TCP/IP and Internet sharing going. I started setting up Malarchy’s wire, but it got too dark and cold so I came in here and wrote this instead.

21.06.2002Friday 21 June

Woke up, Dad and I drove to town (where it was raining and the road was quite muddy) and paid for Dad’s ticket to Perth. $883 return. I bought two Styrofoam broccoli boxes, $2.50 each. I strung up Malarchy’s new wire, and tensioned it. Shan came over just as I finished, and we talked for a while, after which it began to get dark, so he went again. Such is my day. Oh, I downloaded DreamweaverMX yesterday, so I am trying it now.

22.06.2002Saturday 22 June

Morning. I wake. Time passes. Lunch. I go on chat. Evening. I walk to the shop. Malarchy follows. I have to bring him home and tie him up, then hurry to meet Shan who was supposed to walk and meet me half way. I met Shan at the Home Rule Bridges and we walked out to the grid, then walked back halfway, then back to the grid, then back halfway, then I came home. Night-time. I went on chat. Sleep.

23.06.2002Sunday 23 June

As the sun rose over the distant horizon, as the small birds in the trees began to sing sweetly, while the mists of morning still slithered down in the gullies, before the heat of day had warmed the limbs of the trees, releasing their eucalypt scent; while the wind paused and the world waited for the start of a new day, I slept. I really have to get back in the habit of waking early; the morning is the nicest and best part of the day.
  When I finally did wake, it being Sunday, I went on the Internet and messed around for a while, then made my way over to Shan’s.
  As the red disc of the sun slowly sank behind the dark silhouetted trees, and the last lonesome birds ceased their chirping and the mists of night crept back from the gullies in which they hide, while the day’s shadows lengthened into night’s wraiths, as the unearthly moonlight began to replace the last fading glow from the life-giving sun, Shan and I rode back up here to get my warm top and some long pants. I had decided to stay the night at Shan’s, and it is quite cold at night these days.
  We stayed up until... well I don’t actually know what time we went to bed. We took some photos of Shan in his room, and stitched them into a single panoramic style photo with several Shans in various poses in his room. It worked remarkably well. Then we went to bed.

24.06.2002Monday 24 June

I woke up around 9 o’clock. I didn’t really do a great deal today, took a few photos and made an interesting panoramic image with five images of myself in it. After lunch, Shan and I rode up to the Home Rule Bridge, and walked up to my place, stopping at the shop on the way. I went on the ’net in the evening, and it is now 1:36 tomorrow, so I’m off to sleep.

25.06.2002Tuesday 25 June

There’s a good chance I did something today, but seeing as I didn’t write it down, no one will ever know what it was.

26.06.2002Wednesday 26 June

I went to town with Jade, leaving here at 10 o’clock. I went down to the police station to renew my driver’s licence, but apparently only one lady has access to the Queensland Transport database, and she was away in Cairns today, despite my having enquired last week as to whether there would be licence renewals today. I sent my application for external examination to the Board of Senior Secondary School Studies, along with an order form for past examination papers. It cost $80 for the two exams and $29 for the past papers. I had to go down to the courthouse to have a Justice of the Peace sign my examination application. After some chips from the Café at the wharf, Jade and I drove back out here, and then I got a life out to Home Rule, where I stayed until the evening.
  I pulled my computer apart, and put my 40-gigabyte hard drive in the top CD drive slot, with the DVD drive under it, both on the primary controller, then the burner below that, on the secondary controller with my 9-gigabyte drive. I then moved the soundcard and PCI video card about; to try and correct the issue where moving or resizing windows (but only on my PCI video card) can be heard in the sound. As usual, and as I have come to expect with PC’s, my attempts at fixing it caused more problems than they fixed. At the moment, I have my PC with its sides off beside me, and it is very loud with five fans in it and the world’s loudest hard drive. It’s about 8 inches from my right ear. I had several “blue screen” errors trying to start it, I had to reinstall the graphics drivers, and the soundcard drivers several times, they have been in every PCI slot on the board now, bar one – needless to say, the problem is exactly the same. At the moment, my CD-burner seems unable to “set” a disk, that is, it doesn’t know a CD is in it. It seems to not even spin them up, so I hope it’s only temporarily wrecked although my hopes aren’t too high, I put a poxy CD-RW from Shan in it, and it was very unbalanced. Argh, computers! I am going to bed. Bah.

27.06.2002Thursday 27 June

Today: While Mum was walking Malarchy they met a man hidden in the bush, who whacked Malarchy quite strongly on the face, causing his face to swell and bleed. The man hid, no idea who it was. I walked over to Joneses and took some photos of one of Mandi’s paintings for her to get printed tomorrow. I have to get up at 6 AM tomorrow, leaving here for town at 6:30, need to be at the airport by 7:30, so I better get to bed.

28.06.2002Friday 28 June – Flew to Cairns and met Silas

I woke up early, and was driven into town, where I caught the Cooktown to Cairns flight. Leaving at 8:10 and arriving about 40 minutes later, the flight was smooth and uneventful, in a 12 (I think) seater Cessna Titan.
  I caught a taxi from Cairns General Aviation into Cairns proper, and booked into the Bellview, on the Esplanade. This costs a little over $10 in a taxi. I left my bag at the Bellview and walked to Cairns Central Cinemas, where I saw “ScoobyDoo” and put two photos in for printing. It is quite silly, but a fun movie. I then rang Silas and he came at 1 o’clock. We went to Tracks Backpackers where we met Dale and talked for a while. Silas has a friend, Gus, who has come up from Brisbane with him. We drove the 20-minute drive up to Crystal Cascades where Silas, Gus and Dale went for a swim. I didn’t, it was too cold and I had no dry clothes in Cairns. Gus did the “no fear” jump, jumping from a rock which has “no fear” spray-painted on it, about 30 (estimating) metres into a (hopefully) deep rock pool. A man was killed doing this jump about a month ago.
  After we had got back I went and watched “Hard Word”, which I quite enjoyed. It is an Australian movie centred on three prisoners who are used by their corrupt wardens to perform robberies. It is very Australian, and makes a pleasant change from the Hollywood crap where everything blows up: The smallest accident and there are 50 metre high flames in the sky. Australian films seem to me, to be much more realistic and hence enjoyable due to their usage of “plausible” plots, something that Hollywood seems to never have mastered, or more probably, the American public don’t wish to pay to see. After the movie, I had to rush back to my four-person dorm room at the Bellview to grab my warm top and long pants, and rush to the backpacker’s where Dale is, and then to the “Cock and Bull” to meet Silas and Gus for dinner. As expected, Silas was over half an hour late, and it took about 10 minutes to order and 40 minutes for the order to be prepared as they were very busy. Half a very large plate of nachos later, I rushed off to Cairns City Cinemas to catch the 9:30 viewing of “Spider Man”. Despite most people seeming to not like it, I enjoyed the movie. It’s not at all realistic, but I think they did a reasonable job making a “comic” style movie. I enjoy most movies on the big screen, even the really stupid ones. I don’t like horror, don’t really like romantic movies much, and prefer mindless action movies, but with a good plot. I’m not sure that any have ever been made, but there’s always hope. James Bond was always good and I enjoyed Lord of the Rings, but I digress...
  After the movie, I walked back to my room and went to sleep. After drinking a thick shake from McDonalds.
Comment by cool jump fun – Tuesday 16 August 2005, 8:28 AM
  i did the no fear jump to back in 94. i split my shorts open and filled my eyes with water,
  but the stinger trees dident get me
Comment by Steve – Friday 3 February 2006, 9:39 PM
  I lived in QLD from the age of 12 to the age of 16 (95-98). Most of my spare time was spent looking for trees and rocks to dive from. The tree to the right of Millaa Millaa Falls used to be good, but I was there from 31.12.05 to 17.1.06 and the tree is not what it used to be. Judging from the crack, I'm gonna bet I was the last person to jump (evacuate!) from that tree. I guess I'm a bit heavier now. Just before we hit the airport, we went to Crystal Cascades so I could see No Fear Rock. In no time flat I was checking depth and testing the same piece of rope I used all those years ago. You know, with the knots and bamboo handles? I bet you used the same rope. Did you know you can DIVE from up there without too much risk? On the other hand, a Japanese gent died jumping from there.
Comment by Steve Part Two – Friday 3 February 2006, 9:54 PM
  I guess he didn't check the water first. Another top spot is in Litchfield National Park, just outta Darwin. Anyone who dives can spot the good jumps easily. And the tourists love it. Anyway, sorry to take up so much space, just wanted to let you know that as far as I'm concerned, No Fear Rock isn't as dangerous as its reputation suggests. It all comes down to experience I guess. Cool site. Drop a line.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 4 February 2006, 12:36 PM
  Thanks. I am down in Brisbane now, and not aware of any cool water things anywhere. It’s very hot too.

29.06.2002Saturday 29 June – Cairns window shopping

I woke up eightish and had to wait for ages for the shower to be available. I then caught a bus to Earlville shopping centre where I bought a quilted flannelette shirt (the only thing I actually needed to buy in Cairns) and did lots of window-shopping. I then caught a bus back to Cairns City and phoned Silas, who came and picked me up not long after. A yummy falafel roll was consumed while waiting for Silas and Gus to turn up. We left Cairns around 2 o’clock and arrived here 4 hours later (or thereabouts). The drive home was without incident, except for a wild pig, which was eating some road kill. We stopped and Gus and I took some photos of it. Silas checked and replied to some emails here, and then headed down to Bloomfield and I went on the net and wrote this.

30.06.2002Sunday 30 June

I had a quiet recovery day, it was a bit wet and overcast and considerably cold. I had a few hours sleep in the evening then went “online” and on “chat” and stayed up all night talking. It was a “good” chat night.

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