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Year View| Summary| Highlights| April 2002 (Month View)

01.04.2002Monday 1 April to Monday 15 April (15 days)

The probability of something having occured in this time-period is quite high.

16.04.2002Tuesday 16 April

A great deal of absolutely nothing has happened. It’s been a wet few weeks. Not the torrential downpours of the wet season, but wet and sodden nonetheless. The camera battery died, and being a Sony, required a special battery; so I now have a new battery. It’s twice the capacity of the old one, which is handy. I shall now go collapse in an appropriate spot. Collapsing at the keyboard is embarrassing. I might consider sleep.

17.04.2002Wednesday 17 April to Friday 26 April (10 days)

Life continued. Bacteria divided, mosquitoes bit, and moths flew into the light bulbs.

27.04.2002Saturday 27 April – Pneumothorax

Suffered a re-occurance of a spontaneous pneumothorax. I may have to spend some time in hospital ’inflating’.
  I’ll let you know.

28.04.2002Sunday 28 April – X-Ray

After 8 litres per minute of Oxygen for 2 days, no positive change was noted so am now back home – attempting to recover and will have another X-Ray soon to check progress. Pain is under control, but sleeping isn’t pleasant – lying down isn’t comfortable. The good news is that mortality rates are less than 5% and this is a small ~5% collapse. The bad news is that it hurts, it re-occurs, it demands total rest, and it scares me that I might roll over and pop my lung when I’m sleeping. Anyway... off to bed.

29.04.2002Monday 29 April

I did nothing. Rested totally. Moved very little. Sat in my chair here and either read, or typed, or occasionally (for variety) went to sleep.

30.04.2002Tuesday 30 April

See above.

Year View| Summary| Highlights| April 2002 (Month View)

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