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29.08.2003Friday 29 August

I overslept, missing my train. It was somewhat good in a way, as when I woke up and checked my train timetable and uni schedule to see what I would miss, I realised that I hadn’t needed to go in that early anyway, as the “Information Technology Project” lectures are currently on basic HTML, which I think I know. I caught the next train in, and got to my tutorial only ten minutes late. I had another group tutorial today – we form groups of four or five and get given problems to solve. One of each group must then explain their solution using an overhead projector – it’s my turn to present next week.
I drove down to the local newsagent for Joe, who then bought me some Chinese noodles, which I ate for dinner. I have a sore throat, which is worrying as I only just have over my previous flu and don’t want to catch anything else. It’s probably just a sore throat so I shouldn’t worry too much, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.
After my abortive attempt to redesign the hidden workings of my site a while back, I decided it was time to have another go. The thinking and experience from my first attempt paid off, and I now have a system where the existing noncompliant pages will work as they did previously, but any new pages will be parsed through my template system. Existing links are preserved, and at the moment, the existing look is also preserved. There is almost no noticeable difference, apart from the addition of an unobtrusive comment box at the bottom of each page. I’m hoping a few people leave comments every so often as it’s interesting to see that people really are looking at my site, and to see what they think. I’m quite happy how this has worked out. No more scary Dreamweaver templates and site-wide find and replace searches to botch. I should now be able to implement a few things that have been sitting in the too hard basket, waiting for some easier way to make site-wide changes. The URL,, has me amused – I guess it must be time for bed.

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