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26.10.2004Tuesday 26 October – Presentation Woes

After a little less than four hours sleep, I got up and headed into uni so I’d be there by half past seven, to finish preparing for our COMP2801 presentation. Not surprisingly, I didn’t feel fantastic, and I don’t think Lachlan had had anymore sleep than I.
Our group was drawn out of a hat third place, meaning we presented third. The first group had a comprehensive and highly detailed slideshow – there was probably too much information on it, as they didn’t cover it all. The second and fourth groups had what I’d call average, but good, presentations, although the second group was too pre-planned and choreographed, as they were in the first presentation. Our presentation went terribly, I felt. Despite Lachlan and I having done a reasonable amount of preparation yesterday, coupled with both our lack of sleep, it simply wasn’t enough. I don’t know what our presentation looked like from the observer’s perspective, but I was very aware that we didn’t cover much of what I’d hoped to cover, and what we did was confused. I am, however, very impressed with Lachlan’s ability to make up stuff on the spot, something I don’t think I could do. All I can do is hope, vainly I fear, that Doug is also impressed.
I tutored from ten o’clock through to noon, and then attended the first hour of my two-hour COMS3200 lecture, going back after and tutoring from one o’clock through to three o’clock. Ironically, the one hour I didn’t tutor, I was meant to tutor – from noon through one o’clock, but wasn’t aware of this. TO make it even worse, Mandy, who was also supposed to tutor, didn’t realise either so there were no tutors in the labs at all. Hopefully not too many students turned up and found no one there.
I had planned to do things, but got suddenly tired and hungry, so walked down to the Ville with Clint, Clus and Maz, but once there didn’t feel like eating anything anyone sold, so caught a bus into the city, went to Govinda’s, and then caught the train home. Now that’s it’s just gone one o’clock, I’d better head to bed.
Comment by Mum – Wednesday 27 October 2004, 7:13 PM
  You dont sleep enough. For goodness sake, when I was your age, I didnt sleep enough. And look what it did for me! (It really annoys me that I have to get out the microscope to find the exclamation mark on this keyboard). Just about all the things I could plague you with on this journal site need lots of exclamation marks. Just gotta remember that they are linked with No. 1. Shouldnt be hard, I guess. Go away Mum. Yerrs, okay.

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