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26.05.2003Monday 26 May

I woke about five minutes before the train was due to leave. 32 seconds to put pizza in my bag, 85 seconds to brush hair, 60 seconds to go downstairs and put my shoes on, 25 seconds to get out, lock the house and the garage and put the key in my bag, 3 minutes to run the 10 minutes to the station. The train door actually hit my shoulder as it closed and I jumped onto the train. And I only had 2 hours sleep.
Mathematical Foundations and Discrete Math were on the menu today. I’d rather not remember either, so I shan’t write about them here. I dropped my assessable assignment in to my Discrete Math tute, hopefully I got most of it right, and then headed down to the labs as usual. I stayed down there for a while and just as I was leaving I bumped into Silas, so we went back to his place where I waited for the train.
I tried to do my Mathematical Foundations assignment, but gave up. I’ve written all the answers, but haven’t justified them in any way whatsoever. It asks to “justify briefly” so I’m not expecting remarkable marks from this. I hope that I have the answers right and might get a few marks that way.
I had to phone Centrelink as I’ve been cut off my payment, their reason being that I didn’t respond to a previous letter. Fortunately for me, I’ve taken to emailing myself the receipt number, name, time and anything that was said between Centrelink and myself, and then I keep replying to that email until the matter is resolved. That way I have an up-to-date record of what’s going on which allows me to quote to them just when I did contact them about this letter, and who spoke to me. In fact, I even contacted them twice, but despite having been told the matter was resolved (twice by two different people a week apart), the best they’ll do is give me a fortnight’s remission until I can get supporting documentation to prove what they’ve already told me was no longer an issue, and which I already provided.
I worked on my webpage, having now figured out how to parse both XHTML and PHP files into my template. The backend is a lot cleaner now, and should pave the way for me to conglomerate a few of the sub-domains I now have into one coherent site. As usual, when I fix something, something else breaks, so I spent a while fixing little bugs and weird things. I’ve been inspired by Helen’s web log to do something I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages – implement a web-form so I can update my journal from anywhere. I’ll probably use it from here too, because it’s a bit silly uploading the entire year each time I add another day. I know how to read, parse, manipulate and otherwise contort data from an XML file, but I’ve no idea how to write data to it, at least, not to the right place in the file, but I’m sure Google will come to help me. I guess I need to treat my XML files as a database, and if I can get that going well, I might even consider allowing others to add comments. I don’t think anyone really reads my online journal, but it would be cool to have the ability there. Alas, I don’t have the time right now.
As usual, time has slipped away and it’s got late. I’ve got an archive RAR’ing, and it reckons its got 46 minutes to go. I don’t want to cancel it, and I don’t want to stay up for another ¾ hour and I don’t want to leave the computer on all night... I guess I’ll go brush my teeth and think about it.
The RAR’ing is finished, and so am I.

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