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24.08.2003Sunday 24 August – ABC Classic FM Concert

Study did not work well and someone had put detergent in a fountain in the city, and it had built a huge pile of foam – I wish I’d had my camera with me.
I slept in, due to stupidly staying up most of last night, which was dumb, dumb, dumb! I can’t believe how stupid I am.
I went to the ABC Classic FM Concert. I figured I could easily go to it, and get home in time to study. It goes from three to four, leaving me plenty of study time in the evening. Of course, that is not what happened. The concert, however, was good. The Griffith Trio, comprising Michele Walsh on violin, Markus Stocker on cello and Stephen Emmerson on piano, played Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio in G minor, Op 17 and Rebecca Clarke’s Piano Trio. The hour passed fast, with me engrossed with the cello and violin. I’m not much of a fan of piano, ding, ding, ding – they’re too basic.
After the concert, Raymond and I caught a bus into the city where I stayed too long while he tried to buy weird things, although I did accidentally find the Hare Krishna’s food place, so I might see if I can go there next weekend. After wasting lots of time, I caught the train home. I met an American professor on his way to see a mosque in Kuraby, which is apparently the first mosque to be burnt to dust – ever in the 1400 year’s mosques have been around. He also reckoned Queenslanders are in the Guinness Book of Records as the most racist people on earth based, at least partly, on the burning of this mosque. That sounds a little unlikely to me, but I haven’t checked. I read an introduction to Islam, and some poetry by someone similar to Omar Khayyam, although I forget his name now.
Arriving home horribly later than I’d planned, but still with enough time to study, I planned to begin study immediately, and finish off my hotdog sausages before they go bad. However, Joe had different ideas. He wanted pizza. I told him I didn’t want pizza, and that I had to study, and that I already had dinner planned, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer, he’d been drinking and wasn’t fit to drive, and all the pizza coupons were for a minimum of two pizzas, so we ended up driving down to Eagle Boys. Having managed to drive the wrong way up the one-way drive-through, we picked up two pizzas, one garlic bread, and twelve bite-sized heart-shaped ice creams and drove home again. Of course, I then had to do the polite thing and eat my pizza with Joe, especially considering he did pay for them.
I went online. I did have to go online to pay my rent, and I thought it would be a good idea to check the university’s newsgroup for exam help. There were quite a few posts to read, and it took me a while. Then I had a chat to Mum and replied to some emails. That took a while too. Then I had to complain to #bits about how I hadn’t studied, and listen to everyone else explaining how they’ve studied even less and never will study, which also took a while.
I actually studied. I read the practice exam and tried to get the same answers as the right answers. Occasionally I figured out how to. I then opened my textbook for the first time, and tried to understand the different number representations in binary. After a while of studying, and especially late at night after a late night, my mind stops taking in information and it becomes pointless. This happened, so I went and chatted to Becky for a while and wrote all this. I’m guessing I’ve done less than two hours study. I think I’ll skip lectures tomorrow and study instead. The exam is at midday, so assuming I get to uni at the normal time, I can have three hours study, or if I go to my lecture and just skip the prac after, two hours study. I wish I wasn’t so stupid! I wish I had studied! I have learnt my lesson now. I’m doing four subjects and there’s four useable days in a week, so I’ll do a minimum of one hour’s study each day, one day per subject. I don’t want to set my goals too high or I won’t meet them, but I should be able to manage an hour a day.
Comment by Michelle – Monday 25 August 2003, 12:58 PM
  How is your finger doing? Any chance of us seeing a picture of it? I love pus.
Comment by Ned – Monday 25 August 2003, 6:39 PM
  There are some similar, although not quite as bad, pictures over here:
Comment by DK – Monday 25 August 2003, 8:13 PM
  Not falling for that one again :-p Hope you'll get better soon ;-)
Comment by io – Tuesday 26 August 2003, 4:25 AM
  "I’m not much of a fan of piano, ding, ding, ding - they’re too basic." WhoooOA! That's it. I'm going to find out where you live!

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