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23.05.2004Sunday 23 May – Itching

When I woke in the morning, the welts were mostly gone – with just a reddish remnant remaining in a few spots, so I had another multivitamin tablet and went to the train station. By the time I had gotten to the train station, the remnants of welts, mainly around my waistline, had become slightly more pronounced. They remained mostly static for most of the day, during which time Kieran, Marcus, Sméagol and I drove out to the Sunday Computer Market, and I tried to ignore them (the welts, that is). Towards evening, they began to become more pronounced, and itchier.
  I had been in a computer lab at uni coding for some time, trying to make sense of my “Software Specification” assignment and debug my “Operating Systems” assignment, and went with Marcus and Kieran down to the Ville to get something to eat. I got a falafel kebab, and a small bottle of Sprite soft drink. By this time, the welts had become quite itchy and spread down my upper legs, but were still most pronounced around my waistline. There were a few small ones under my arms, similar to Saturday evening. The welts gradually spread. I kept coding for some time, but eventually the welts had spread to spots across my upper torso, and my upper arms, and I realised I had better go home. On the train home, the welts spread in blotches across half of my upper torso, and most of my arms and legs – but only in patches. Now, after showering, they cover most of my body in patches, similar to when I woke up Saturday night. I’ve had several theories, ranging from kidney failure through to sugar imbalance – although my current theory is that I’ve a kidney or urinary infection or other similar malfunction caused by a combination of acid and lack of drinking, and this is causing hives. This seems to best model the current symptoms. I had a very acidic stomach after last Sunday, and I didn’t drink (or eat) much since then as I felt unwell.
I am so itchy – it’s like chickenpox. Great self-control needed. I’ve had three cups of tomato soup for dinner, that being the most alkaline and liquid dinner I could manage, and I think I’ll try sleeping – not something that’s going to be easy while itching this much. The welts are slowly moving around. They’ve now moved away from my upper arms, further down onto my hands, up my neck and down my legs but mostly away from my waistline. They’re odd. I’m a bit worried, as one seems to have begun on my cheek – so I’m hoping sleep will fix that.

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