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21.06.2007Thursday 21 June – Cool & Dry

I slept in, not getting up until nearly midday, which isn’t that surprising I suppose, given the time I went to bed last night, and how cold it is. I wish I had a heavy quilt—not that my current one isn’t warm enough (I’ve slept in a pile of rocks at the foot of a glacier in the Himalayas in it, waking up to find everything had frozen over but me), it’d just be nice to have something heavy so I feel like I should be warm—and they’re far cheaper than women. Though they don’t have breasts.
I couldn’t think of any good excuses to get a cab, so I walked home. It’s definitely on the nippy side out there. The frozen tips of my ears may not recover.
My sleeping bag has made me think of the things I’ve done that I consider to be “cool”, and I’m sure they say something about me. I didn’t think graduating with a great GPA was particularly cool—but I thought getting there without studying, or having attended high school, was. I found the hidden anti-Chinese helicopter bases in the Himalayas, the tanks hiding in the desert on the Pakistani/Indian border, and the fighter jets flying low over old castles in Rajasthan far “cooler” than experiencing the aeons old society surrounding them.
  I value having been charged by police with bamboo canes, attending illegal raves in Goa, and being apprehended riding an unregistered bike, unlicensed, and without a helmet, more than swimming in the Arabian sea with the setting sun.
  While it wasn’t fun at the time, having my hotel room searched by police with machine guns, multiple times a day, seems far more impressive to me now, than sleeping in bamboo huts in a tropical paradise, and unexpectedly bumping into drug growers with automatic weapons while wandering around in the jungle seems much cooler than climbing scenic mountains (particularly as they’re always up).
  Deciding it wasn’t too windy, and taking all our clothes and computer gear in a small tinny, navigating in almost total dark through part of the Great Barrier Reef with only a dim dolphin torch and the almost indiscernible border between land and sky to guide us, while discussing UFO’s, and nearly capsizing in the surf, would be a better idea than simply driving the few hour drive, makes sense to me. Doing everything at the last minute, staying up all night because something has a deadline the next day and I haven’t begun yet, seems to be the best way to do it—the achievement of getting it done wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t a challenge.
  Having my internet connection die right now, doesn’t seem cool. I suppose it’s a sign to go to bed.
Comment by io – Friday 22 June 2007, 10:03 PM
  Most cool of all, is this post. You should highlight it.
Comment by Mum – Monday 2 July 2007, 9:37 PM
  It is true. Tinny, computer, sea rollicking,dolphin torch, which was actually dropped overboard at some stage, the home base of saidfriend only accessi ble by sea. You think the bloke exaggerates? Well, only a little.
Comment by Mum – Tuesday 3 July 2007, 12:55 AM
  Value cops harrassing your motorbike without necessary paperwork more than the sunset which was the result of the run of motorbike, legal or illegally made? Bah!! Anti Chinese helicopter bases,tanks hiding in the desert on the Pakistani/Indian border and the fighter jets flying over old castles in Rajasthan far "cooler" than WHAT? The aeons society surrounding them. Surrounding them, as in surround. Get real.
Comment by Mum – Tuesday 3 July 2007, 1:03 AM
  You sashay in as a tourist. You know nothing. You are not invited to know anything. You do what is cool or not cool. What is cool or not cool is dictated and alloted by the indigineous locals. Whether or not you choose to like or not like the local sunset is of no consequence to them. You got rupee, goodfella.!! Em tasol

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