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19.08.2006Saturday 19 August – Sadly Average but Looking Forward

Today has been a sadly average day. I’d wanted to do something a little different, having been too tired to join Clint on his latest death-defying attempt at immortality, but still wanting to do something—but it’s been put off until tomorrow. Instead, I had a quiet—but pleasant—morning, followed by a trip to Woolworth’s with Bronwen to buy groceries and crazy specials, where we bumped into Bronwen’s Dad and subsequently got a lift back. Today’s crazy specials included a large custard tart and quite a lot of pasta salad. Bronwen wouldn’t let me buy a cheap apple pie.
Now that I’ve left the ranks of the pleasantly unemployed and joined the legion of fulltime drones propping up the deep end of our service-based economy, I feel it is a good time to reflect on what’s next. Short term, I should get back into reading—I used to read all the time, but since uni, I’ve hardly read at all. I think reading is the simplest way to gain knowledge—someone may spend their entire life writing a book, filling it with all the knowledge they’ve gained, and I can read that in a week, even though I may not understand even a tenth of what they’ve managed to cram into their book. Slightly longer term, I’m tossing up flying over to Perth in time for the air race, showing Bronwen around and visiting my folks, and have applied to volunteer at Woodford again. Longer term again, I’m itching to get out of this conservative and rather repetitive country and travel somewhere different, exciting, and third world—probably South America, as I’ve already seen a little of Asia—so need to figure out the best way to do that from a financial and career perspective. I imagine there’s something important I’ve forgotten, like washing behind my ears, but with three quarters of a custard tart still to go, it’ll have to wait for later.
Cooking dinner didn’t sound too exciting. Someone mentioned the pancake parlour. It’s a grand old church in the centre of the city, now a twenty-four hour pancake parlour with a bar underneath, where it looks like they would have tortured the witches during the great recession, or whenever it was they did that. Bronwen had nachos. I also had nachos, but without the beef. Never let it be said we’re not adventurous. We then shared two pancakes, topped with cream and ice cream—it is a pancake parlour after all. After this, we were both horrifyingly full, so strolled home very slowly and painfully.
Sleepy. Bedtime.
Comment by io – Sunday 27 August 2006, 4:17 AM
  The waffles & fudge there are also sublime. I've been there about a couple of times now - ironically most of the times were with different choirs I've been in.

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