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Year View| Summary| Highlights| Month View| Friday 18 June 2004 (Day View) – Exam – INFS2200

18.06.2004Friday 18 June – Relational Database Systems Exam

I burnt some songs onto a CD-RW for Clint, which then failed, so I re-burnt them, which then failed again – but I’m getting ahead of myself. I only just had enough time to burn the CD before running for the train, so burning the CD the second time meant I had to run hard all the way. It nearly killed me. I felt sick and awful all the way to uni. Jumping out of bed into the icy cold, and running hard a few minutes later just can’t be a good thing to do. Still, I just managed to make it onto the train – it was leaving as I collapsed onto the platform.
Once at uni, I spent the slightly less than two hours before my exam going over a summary of what I hoped to know with Marcus, then Clint, and then Kieran. I’ve managed to learn a surprising amount in the last few days – I hope.
We all trooped down to the Gymnasium, where we waited around for a while and I learnt the log rules for calculating the cost of various database operations. I then sat my “Relational Database Systems” exam. Two hours, eight questions, all of which I managed to answer with what I believe is at the least a partially correct answer, so I’m optimistic about the results. Experience has taught me though, that when I think I’ve done well, I’ve often done poorly, and vice versa.
  After the exam, I headed to Kieran’s room, where I collapsed while he made a few phone calls. We then collected Clint from The Red Room, and headed into the city so Kieran could buy a suit, and I something to eat. I had some veggie curry from an Indian place in the Myer Centre, and a Cold Rock Super Shake. This made me feel suitably sick, and we headed back to uni, where I hung around for a little while before heading to Indooroopilly and the movies.
I bought the last remaining ticket and saw “Shrek 2”. It’s a great movie – as good as the first from what I can remember of it. It’s always good when a movie gets the entire cinema laughing – and the cinema was packed tonight. Sitting right in the middle of the front row is good – I always get my favourite seat, even when I buy the last ticket. I’ll never understand why people would rather sit right to the side in the second row than in the centre of the first row – or even worse, right up the back where the screen is only as big as a large television and there’s no surround sound effect at all.
Comment by yj – Saturday 19 June 2004, 4:19 PM
  how you looking for COMP3300, Ned? i started studying for it a few days ago. I can't bloody stand it.
Comment by Ned – Saturday 19 June 2004, 8:04 PM
  Very bad thanks. I began studying today (Saturday), and have not got much done at all. Woe.
Comment by yj – Saturday 19 June 2004, 9:55 PM
  its a freakin lot of stuff to know. And even when you do know it, relevant questions in sample/past exams/quizzes still manage to bamboozle me. I just know im gonna put all this time into studying this course, and fail miserably. Machanick is guilty by association with this material. Damn him. Woe is me.
Comment by mum – Sunday 20 June 2004, 11:03 PM
  dear yi, if you already know that you will fail miserably, you have already set yourself an agenda for failure. You have to re compute the failure mode of your brain and set it for success. Relax. Re compute for success. Never say die. Never, ever, ever.
Comment by mum – Sunday 20 June 2004, 11:15 PM
  dear yi and son and all others. All very well for me to write things, easy peasy. Thinking about you. Hope so that all is going well or at least bearable. Hang in there.
Comment by yj – Monday 21 June 2004, 8:51 AM
  your words of wisdom have soothed my sorrowful heart. I thank you.
Comment by sweet – Tuesday 22 June 2004, 7:53 PM
Comment by anon – Monday 28 May 2007, 9:07 PM
  Made you feel suitably sick? Might of been the ghb that is put into drinks and food in the myer centre that made you feel sick

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