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18.04.2007Wednesday 18 April – Chocolate Milk

I went to sleep at a reasonable hour last night, yet I’m sleepier today than I was yesterday. It seems there’s little, if any, point going to bed early. I seem to be more efficient when tired. I seem to be less tired if I don’t sleep enough. I’m sure something there doesn’t make sense.
I went to Woolworths to buy corn chips, spicy Mexican dip, Mexican chilli beans, corn, and a small carton of chocolate milk. Regrettably, three litre bottles of chocolate milk were on special, and it seemed rather silly buying a small carton of milk when it actually cost more than a large bottle… so all day I’ve been drinking chocolate milk and eating corn chips with dip. I think that covers at least two food groups.
The search for the mystical Pluravit multivitamins (and a need to escape from being inside) took me to their alleged source—Coles at Hawken Village—however, they managed to maintain their mystical status, being nowhere to be found.
  There’s a third girl staying here at the moment—a friend of Nandini’s—and I’m avoiding doing things I should be, so I watched a variety of junky television with her.
Comment by Mum – Saturday 21 April 2007, 12:22 AM
  For goodness sake. You wouldnt need the bloody multivitamins if you gave up the toxic chocolate milk and the mexican dip and the etc etc. Why dont you get yourself one of those papers which actually tell you what the toxins and additives are in all that crap you are eating. One cannot hope to maintain reasonable health whilst eating all that crap.
  As far as the sleeping hours go...It is like a coiled spring. When one is overtired (or stressed) and one finally gets an early night, the coils begins to unwind, but it takes a little one oft times feels more tired after "an early night" but is only the beginning of the unwinding.
  Is always best to try to have as early a night as possible as the mind and also the spirit are more alive so to speak in the early am. It is also a time when one can have a little china blue slice of solitude in the hectic ness of city life.

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