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16.11.2003Sunday 16 November – Rest

I had a badly needed quiet day after the horror of yesterday. We have a new Dave staying here for a while. He’s apparently Joe’s foster nephew, and hasn’t seen Joe in a while, but was having a bit of trouble back home and had to get away for a bit – or something like that, I haven’t heard the full story yet. Tim and Michelle also came over. Dave and I drove up to the shops and got chips for dinner and that about sums up my day.
I stayed up messing around trying to figure out some multi-level nested Muenchian Grouping to parse my music list into something more logical than it currently is. I wanted songs listed by artist, with their respective albums nested within. This I currently had, but various artists compilations parse as a single track by a single artist, which isn’t ideal. I haven’t been able to think of any way to determine whether a particular song belongs to a normal album all by the one artist, or whether it belongs to a compilation of various artists. Upon deeper thought, I don’t think it’s actually possible – take a song, “[Metallica – St. Anger] Invisible Kid” (which just so happens to be playing now). Looking at that song, is it possible to tell if it’s from a compilation of, say, heavy metal songs by various heavy metal artists, or if it’s track five on Metallica’s “St. Anger” album? I don’t think it is possible. I’ve currently done what I think is the next (and possibly only) best thing – if an artist from a particular artist/album combination has only one song, it’s assumed to be from a various artists compilation unless there are no other songs within that album, in which case it’s assumed to be a single. All other songs, which have more than one song per artist, are sorted as before. It’s not ideal but I can’t figure out anything better yet.

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