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14.03.2003Friday 14 March

I had to be at uni by nine today, so I left on the 8:02 train. I almost fell asleep and nearly missed my station. By the time I walked to the ferry and waited for it, then walked to my lecture I was about two minutes late. This was enough though that it took me fifteen minutes to figure out what was going on. It was another wet day, although there were a few sunny periods.
I only had morning lectures today, so I was home before three. Mum phoned to let me know she received and has sent my Centrelink forms, so I’ll hopefully get them soon. I walked down to the shops and did some shopping, spending valuable money, but I did get some Milo so I guess it isn’t all bad. What a boring journal entry, but then that’s what it’s like at the moment.
So – I have survived two weeks at uni. I’ve got the hang of the lectures and tutorials, I’ve settled in to here where I’m staying, I’ve worked out the trains and know my way from the train station to here to the shopping centre and back again, and how to get to the uni ferry and back again. I’ve also realised that it isn’t going to be enjoyable at uni. It is hard, stressful and unpleasant. It requires a lot of time, a lot of study, and a lot of worry. People all around are joking about how stressed out they are, and how much worse they’ll be when it’s nearer to exams – but I think the joke is at best half hearted. I guess I’m handling it ok, I’m not too worried (yet). I just hope I manage to pass everything – good marks would be an added bonus. The main problem I’m having is that I get too tired. Maybe that’s how I handle stress. By the time I am on my way back from uni, it is all I can do to stay awake in the train. Once I walk back from the train station and get into my room, I really couldn’t handle studying – I literally couldn’t. I open a book and can’t keep my eyes open. It has to be at least partly psychological because I can turn on my PC and mess around doing nothing and I will eventually get over my tiredness. Silas has exactly the same problem. I really can’t keep my eyes open. They actually just close so I can’t see anymore. It’s interesting; I’ve only ever had this happen when driving back from Cairns a few times. I guess I’m just mentally exhausted by the time I get home. It is fairly demanding. A brisk (often very brisk as I’m running late and don’t want to miss the trains, which only run every half hour except during peak time) five minute walk down to the station in the morning, then thirty four minutes sitting in the air-conditioned and quite comfortable train, then another brisk five minute walk to the ferry, a few minutes wait for the ferry, then a minute or so to cross the river, then another few minutes walk to wherever my lecture is. So far most of my walking has been ultra brisk, bordering on running, because it has been either raining or I’ve been late. There’s also quite a hill on the way to the ferry. This leaves me a little exhausted physically, and then I sit in a cold lecture theatre and try to understand and not get sleepy. After fifty minutes of that, it is another brisk walk to find my next lecture. After two or more hours of this and the corresponding trip home, I am both physically and mentally exhausted. I’m not sure that I will get any more used to it either, Silas says he has been like this all last year (and the years before...). Oh what joy.

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