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13.06.2003Friday 13 June

I did very little.
I heard an interesting story in chat today. A good friend of mine was woken up at 2:45 AM by the police. The police said they’d received a “non-response call” from her. As she’d had a broken sleep, dreaming and waking, she was worried that she may have sleep-phoned the police – not really something you want to get in the habit of doing. She was also worried they may have thought she was trying to seduce one of them, or even worse, that someone may have broken into an office at her place and used that phone, but the police said it was probably caused by static on the line. Apparently when a line gets too much static it can dial the police, which isn’t all that uncommon when there’s heavy rain. I found this unusual – I’ve never heard of static causing a phone to dial a specific number. Perhaps “troubled dialling” (hitting random numbers as if you’re dying and can’t dial properly) automatically contacts the emergency services? I really don’t know.
Silas doesn’t have a computer anymore. Amos took it when he left. So I can only email Silas when he’s at uni, which he was this evening. We exchanged a few emails and arranged to meet at the Schonell Cinema at 7:30 to see “The Man Without a Past”. I forgot my weekly ticket had expired and when I arrived at the station, I had no change to buy a ticket, so I stressed all the way into town waiting for the ticket collectors to arrest and torture me. They never came, so I survived. The movie was held in the lower theatre, which I hadn’t been in yet. It’s a dungeon sort of place, made from brick, with a multitude of small lights in the ceiling, each of which has a small glass tube coming out of it, and looks quite good. The movie was very normal, very realistic. Unfortunately normal is rather boring, so it wasn’t the most exciting movie I’ve seen. A man is attacked, losing his memory in the incident, and the rest of the movie shows how he deals with his new unknown identity, and how he gets back on his feet. It’s an interesting look at how people deal with life, but a bit too normal for my liking. Nevertheless, it’s well made and quite believable.
I walked back to Silas’s, where I stayed for a short time waiting for the train, and then went down to the train station and caught the train home. I spent some time online and then went to bed rather late.

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