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Year View| Summary| Highlights| Month View| Thursday 12 February 2004 (Day View)

12.02.2004Thursday 12 February – Class Sign-on

I was supposed to get up at 5:45 AM – I even set the alarm, but somehow I didn’t wake up then. It was nearer eight o’clock by the time I woke, and rushed to sign-on for my “COMP3300 – Operating Systems” tutorial. Last semester, I meticulously planned my timetable, but by the time I went to sign-on, the times I wanted were full. It ended up it didn’t matter, I just went to the full ones anyway, but I’d rather be signed up for the right things this time. Out of the thirty places available for the tutorial I want, fifteen were already gone when I signed up. There’s only seven left now.
  After the exertion of getting up early, I felt sick. Actually, I think I felt sick before I got up. Either way, I felt sick so I went back to bed and dozed, waking to check the time every ten minutes. That’s not a good way to get a restful sleep, so I didn’t feel very good when I finally got up at eleven o’clock either. Sign-on for “COMP2301 – Systems Interface Programming” practicals opened at eleven. It wasn’t open when I logged in, but was open when I refreshed the page and I was the first to sign-on. By the time my sign-on had been submitted – not more than a minute after it opened, there were five other people who had signed up, so I’m glad I got in early.
I’ve just finished watching “Gone in 60 Seconds”. I’ve seen it at least once before – but really enjoyed it again. Now I’m going to eat some lollies and ignore the dishes and various other things I should be doing.
I went for my usual walk out to the halfway spot – the water is just level with the bottom of the bridges now.
  I watched “The Truth about Cats & Dogs”, which I didn’t really enjoy as much as I should have – as it’s not a bad movie, I just wasn’t in the right mood for a romantic comedy. By about halfway through I began to enjoy it, and towards the end, I was curious to know how it finished.
After doing the dishes – something I’ve not done in a while now, I made vegetable pasta for dinner and, needless to say, ate it.
I just watched “The Quick and the Dead”, which I hate to admit did engross me, although I can’t say I enjoyed it. I’m a simple person who enjoys movies with a clearly defined “goody” who clearly wins, but when they’re all doing bad things, it ruins the nice moral effect.

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