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Year View| Summary| Highlights| Month View| Friday 11 November 2005 (Day View) – Exam – PSYC1020

11.11.2005Friday 11 November – Introduction to Psychology: Physiological & Cognitive Psychology Exam

Getting up at five o’clock is actually quite invigorating; I think I may do it again some day. The zombies on the early morning train don’t even make annoying noises like in the movies—or the afternoon.
Fancy being at uni at this time of the morning without having stayed all night, it’s unheard of. At this rate, I confidently suspect I’ll be able to start study by around eight o’clock.
Internet, go away—it is time to study and I must learn all of PSYC1020 before eleven o’clock.
Study phase one now complete. All notes read without thinking, as fast as accurately possible, and information hopefully suitably transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory and linked to high-speed stressful conditions similar to an exam, for easy recall during exam. I am now in standby awaiting the arrival of Maz.
Final study/panic phase now commencing—walk to exam room and sit outside somewhere quietly panicking and reading notes. Just before exam, try to think about something unrelated in an attempt to relax.
Maz and I attended our PSYC1020 exam. I have no idea how I went—seventy-two four-option multiple-choice questions, so I’m very unlikely to have failed, but probably fairly unlikely to have got good marks. I think multi-choice should be banned, as it doesn’t accurately test anything at all. On the plus side, multi-choice is less stressful.
Interestingly, there was a girl in the exam with her breast exposed. I assume it was an accident, but a little odd nonetheless.
Kieran, Maz and I had a long lunch at a café under the Institute for Molecular Bioscience, meeting Tim and Clint there.
I studied PHIL1020 with Kieran and Maz for an hour or so in a study room at the engineering library, before moving up to level six of GPS until it got too dark to see, and then going down to the Ville for dinner before heading home. I am not in a very good position for this exam, as this is the first time I’ve even looked at the subject matter for this course, and it’s all logic and set theory rubbish.
I didn’t manage to leave uni until nine o’clock, getting home late. There was a spunkily dressed (or scantily clad—I like “-ily” words) girl zonked or otherwise incapacitated at the station, which is roughly equivalent to a neon “rape me” sign, so I felt uncomfortable leaving her there and didn’t actually get home until ridiculously late, meaning it was going on one o’clock by the time I actually got to bed.
Comment by Mum – Friday 11 November 2005, 8:38 PM
  Whilst the orbs slowly spin, and the world goes on.

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