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10.09.2004Friday 10 September – In Which I Do Very Little Study

Early in the Morning
I had planned to get up early, and get to uni before eight o’clock. This seemed to be a good idea last night, as I have more things to do than time to do them. Peculiarly, though, this didn’t seem like such a good idea at six o’clock this morning. I ended up arriving at uni not long before nine o’clock.
Not Long Before Nine O’clock
I made my way straight to the GPS computer labs, after buying a veggie roll from the main refectory. Seeing as I’d slackly slept in, when I had too much study I needed to do before now, I hadn’t another minute to waste. Then I met Clint, just leaving the labs as I arrived. He had stayed up all night completing one of his funny political rants and now he was hungry. He urgently needed to go to Hungry Jack’s in the city.
Almost Midday
It was almost midday by the time we got back from the city, and I’d done no study at all. With this in mind, I headed down to the labs to panic-study. I had hardly had time to check the newsgroups for trolling opportunities, sign on to IRC (strictly as a study aid), and check my email, say hello to Lachlan and Jervina who happened to be there, and it was time to go to a COMP3502 tutorial. Considering that the COMP3502 mid-semester exam is what I’m supposed to have studied for all morning, I figured attending its tutorial was a justified study-break. Directly following that tutorial, was a COMP2801 tutorial, and as this was the other thing that I was supposed to be doing, I decided it might be a good idea to attend it as well.
Not Yet Late in the Evening
After my tutorials, I wandered past Kieran’s over to Clint’s, on my way to study. It ended up that Sméagol was there, and they were just about to drive down the Ville, so I had to go down there too. After I got back, I had to help Dom, and then talk. Then it began to get late, and I realised that I might actually have to go study, or I would fail this mid-semester exam, so I did.
Late in the Evening
A quarter of International House got into the same bus as I. Three quarters of International House then got onto the same bus as they, and I. The first quarter apparently dislikes the other three quarters, which isn’t that surprising considering their condition. They had, according to one fine member, been “sculling goon”, and proceeded to enjoy themselves on the way to the city. Enjoying themselves involved some rather amusing, highbrow political jokes along the lines of “Howard Sucks”, “Latham! Latham! Latham!”, “You’re only saying that because your Visa application was turned down!”, and so on until it would go full circle and revert to the usual sexual innuendos – without the innuendo. It did make for a much more interesting than usual bus trip, although not conductive to study.
After Dark
The train arrived at Central Station, all six cars of it, and promptly turned off. Interestingly, when turned off, no one can open the doors, so everyone was trapped inside. It took several minutes until the orange-vested train-fixers could fix it, and then the doors opened and engulfed us all. The strange thing is that, when I got off at my station, the train was only three cars long. Somewhere along the way, it had lost the other three cars. This has never happened to a train that I was on before, and I didn’t even notice it happening.
After After Dark
I threw on some washing, and went and did some power relaxing (synonymous to power napping, but without the nap). I then put the washing on the washing basket, with the heater blowing through the holes in the basket. This is supposed to make it all dry in time for me to pack for Sydney.
I can’t remember exactly when – I think it was sometime after leaving Clint’s room, but my lung hurt again. It’s a quarter past one now, and it’s still sore. It worries me and I don’t like it.
Comment by yj – Saturday 11 September 2004, 10:11 PM
  you may or may not realise it Ned, but quite a decent portion of your fan base is at International House (and i'm not joking). There is a good chance that at least 3 of the loud bigots in your bus trips are avid readers of your site. I'm not sure what the moral of this story is - perhaps you can work that out for yourself. Best wishes.
Comment by Soph – Tuesday 14 September 2004, 1:45 AM
  But Howard does suck and so does LAtham. They all suck. Btw, study sucks, and yeah, just thought I'd add that. And since you read my journal, I thought I'd read yours. :P Silly me. Anyways, slacker!
Comment by Mum – Friday 17 September 2004, 5:26 PM
  Gah! Bah! Excuses, excuses. (Ever noticed what a strange collection of vowels and consonants "excuseseses" am?) Hardly seems as if it could be a word in the Ingriss lingo, but guess it am. Plenty need for it., especially with upcoming political crap. Politics, Scrub ticks, neuro Ticks, hysteri Ticks,................gah ,bah, all the same to me.

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