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09.03.2004Tuesday 9 March – Hot and Late

My train leaves now, but unfortunately, I’ve only just woken up. Seeing as I’d missed the train, I didn’t figure there was any reason hurrying, so I casually got ready and made my way down to the station, where I discovered that I could still get to my lecture on time on the next train if I ran everywhere, so I did. I should also mention that today is the hottest day in 18 centuries. I sweated 18 gallons 9 ounces – and that’s in the air-conditioned train. Once I got to the lecture theatre, after jogging down to the ferry and from there to the lecture theatre, I collapsed into my seat and made my own personal pool. I believe the lecturer said stuff, but I can’t remember any of it.My “Operating Systems” lecture, which was mostly about basic C coding concepts, finished early so Kieran, Marcus and I wandered down to the lab and had a quick look at my almost semi working stopwatch code, before heading off to our “Software Specification” lecture, which is running through a revision of basic set theory – which isn’t always that basic.
I’ve spent the past few hours down in the labs trying to get my silly stopwatch to go. There’s a few other people here also working on their stopwatches, and none of us have yet been able to implement a Windows timer using SetTimer( ) and WM_TIMER – it simply does not work. We appear to have done everything precisely right, and the tutor has no idea why it doesn’t work, so after wasting hours on it, I gave up. I’ll stick to my endless while loop and get all the drawing code working, and then I might consider figuring out some way to time it properly.
Neither Joe nor I are having a very good day. Joe arrived home at the same time as I did, and ordered pizza. I then went online and began to download some songs for Mum. The pizza never turned up, so Joe phoned them and complained – disconnecting me. None of my downloads were resumable, so I had to re-download them all, and the pizza turned up less than a minute after Joe phoned – but he promptly dropped his into the laundry sink, which had water in it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Joe had asked for Diet Coke, and they’d sent normal Coke, so I got that and Joe got soggy pizza and soapsuds. I did enjoy my pizza though, right up until the part where I’d eaten it all, and drunk the entire bottle of coke, and was worried what would happen if I were required to move in the next few hours.
Oh dear, I think it’s late. I’ve stayed up doing very little, adding EXIF metadata to my photos, downloading songs for Mum, and generally messing around online.

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