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08.11.2003Saturday 8 November – Airfare, Kill Bill

My lung hurts, which always freaks me out. I don’t want to be a hypochondriac, but it’s always worrying.
I did done buy me one airplane ticket to Cairns. $129, flying out early Sunday morning, arriving before lunch – I should be able to stay the night at Silas’s and do some shopping the next day, and then try to figure out how to get home. He has his last exam the Tuesday after I’ll arrive (assuming no hijacking), and is planning to move shortly after that, so with a bit of luck I’ll be able to get a lift home with him – not that I believe in luck of course, so I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.
I had a feeling I needed to get my DVD’s back by 5 PM, so I left shortly after 4 PM and walked them back to the shop, buying some coco pops and 2-minute noodles on the way home. I hadn’t even watched any of them.
Dave arrived, and Joe was running woefully low on Coke, so Dave and I popped down to the bottle-o to stock up.
Now my shoulder and neck hurts. It feels like a strained muscle, and I’m hoping that’s the only reason my lung feels sore.
Clint and I came to a joint agreement, after much discussion, that anything was better than sitting on IRC feeling guilty for not studying all night. Unfortunately, due to Brisbane’s Stone Age transport policy, it’s not really possible for anyone from uni to stay anywhere later than 10 PM without their own car, and similarly, if I go to uni I’m stuck there if I stay too late. Nevertheless, being stuck at home is far, far worse – and inspired by this collective fear we planned to go see a B-grade horror movie at the Schonell, which just might finish in time for me to get home again. Fortunately for all concerned, Alex was also bored, and offered to drive Clint home after, so we were all able to have a happy, happy night at Indooroopilly instead. I trained into Indooroopilly and Clint bussed, while Alex and Peter drove and we all sat in the Pig & Whistle (Ye Olde English pub) discussing unusual topics before acquiring food from McDonalds and heading to the cinema to see “Kill Bill”. As usual, things had to go differently for me – I had to wait while McDonalds grew my vegeburger, then the girl I bought my cinema ticket from, or perhaps her till, refused to sell me a ticket despite everyone’s best efforts, and then I was sent, ticketless, to the wrong cinema. At least there wasn’t half a thousand people queuing behind me like when they tried to figure out how to sell me reserved but booked-out Matrix tickets. We sat towards the back of the cinema, as everyone tends to do, and I was able to, once again, verify that it is nowhere near as good as sitting down the front, but it was fun anyway – and I even got a lift down to the train station afterwards.
Now my face hurts – it feels like a pinched nerve, or more accurately, many pinched nerves. As usual, everyone just says, “You need to eat better”. I’m not entirely sure how diet affects nerves and muscles but I’m reasonably sure strained muscles and pinched nerves are atypically diet-related symptoms, except perhaps in extreme cases (eating hugely heavy things upside down, for example). Perhaps I’m not getting enough cream with my ice cream.

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