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08.09.2006Friday 8 September – Exercise, Dead or Alive

Today began early, due to the rotational tendencies of the earth—or vibrational string-like energy, depending on your perspective. I hastened to the train, having left myself just enough time to get there—but only if I rushed uncomfortably—as usual. Subway from the station, with mayonnaise. Got to work to find myriads of girls were blocking the foyer. This fantasy start to the day quickly degenerated when I found out the lift controller wasn’t, and the lifts were being manually controlled by security. This chaos was annoying, as being a secure building, there’s no other access, and being me, I require quick access to the milkshake place. The fire escapes are all one-way and alarmed.
Maz and I drove to Officeworks, and then Harvey Norman at Indooroopilly, for Maz to buy a Bluetooth headset. I got a discount Hungry Jack’s dinner—two dollars forty, and Maz bought twelve dollars of premium jellybeans, after which we watched some crazy cartoons for a while back at Maz’s place.
I’ve decided I need to make a concerted effort to exercise. I’ve never had a problem with my weight or fitness—and still don’t—but now that I’m working a “sedentary job”, I have to either “stop eating that crap”, as my boss would say, or exercise appropriately—and I quite like eating “that crap”. I figure a simple combination of muscular exercises before bed—or in the morning if I’m working late—combined with some form of daily—or as daily as I can manage—physical activity outside should do the trick. So, in keeping with my newly formulated exercise regime, I’m going to do a few exercise and ride to South Bank and see an action-packed movie. In other unrelated news, one of the girls I live with left to go kayaking in Uganda for a month today.
“DOA: Dead or Alive” was even worse than expected—a combination of realistic but extremely improbable action-fighting and close-up bikini shots—a highly enjoyable bargain at only $5.70 at South Bank Cinemas. Any movie where the girl, clad only in a towel, forces the detective who is arresting her to bring her her bra, on his gun, and then kicks his gun, and her bra, into the air, disables the several police with her towel, smoothly catches her bra—falling smoothly over her arms, landing on her breasts—and the detective’s gun as they fall, ending up dressed and aiming the detective’s own gun at his nether regions, can’t be all bad.
I rode to Toowong, meeting Clint, and went for a wander around the suburb with him, stopping to ride the monorail before heading home, listening to some music, and heading to bed.

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