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07.11.2004Sunday 7 November – Hero

A few hints I’ve come up with after my all-nighter:
  Chocolate flavoured soymilk isn’t as good as it may sound. It makes you very sick.
  Do not ever drink 2 litres of apple juice in one sitting, even if you have given up Coke after nearly dying last all-nighter and don’t ever try walking after drinking that much apple juice.
  The nearest non-broken vending machine that sells milk is at General Purpose North, which is sort of the opposite direction from General Purpose South, and involves walking through rain.
  Jellybeans are far better than Green Aero Chocolate, despite their appearance.
  There is a disgusting water-filled hole near the main refectory that you will fall into if you are looking at the flag hanging on the big fancy building in the great court instead of watching where you’re going.
  One in twelve flavoured milks will burst when bought from a vending machine. Opening the lid on this burst milk will cause the leak to worsen rapidly and is not a good idea when the leak is facing towards yourself.
  Never rely on people who say they will get pizza with you – they’ll end up going to Maccas without you and you will be hungry all night.
  Throwing confetti into fans is funnier in theory than practice, and may result in being threatened with scissors.
  Cold Rock doesn’t open early enough in the city and the Queen Street Mall wireless network will fail if you rely on it to be online at 8 o’clock in the morning on a Sunday, as one does.
  Staying up all night to study only sounds like a good idea the day before, – but it makes a nice change from sleeping peacefully, cosy in bed, listening to the rain.
I got very sleepy. I walked to the Ville. It rained all over the place, but particularly under my umbrella. I got wet. I bought a foot-long from Subway, half of which is still in its bag sitting on my floor. I then froze in the air-conditioned labs in wet clothes and completed my COMP3502 amazingly brief summary and table of contents, before heading off to Indooroopilly with Raymond to watch “Hero”, which was quite different.
The cinema was quite busy, and “Hero” was shown on one of their bigger screens so all was good from that perspective. The movie itself is quite different to what most would expect from a modern Jet Li movie, being subtitled Chinese, and aimed at being artistic and stylistic, rather than realistic. It was quite an interesting movie, but so different to most Western movies that I’m not sure what to think – yet I enjoyed it so I guess that is all that matters. I’m giving it one and one fifth of “The Forgotten”, which works out as precisely three quarters of a true lie.
Apparently, there was a big storm here while I was at uni. The water has come inside where it shouldn’t be, and is lounging around on the carpet. It is refusing to go back outside, and is becoming something of a problem.

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