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06.06.2003Friday 6 June – 2Fast, 2Furious

I managed to make it to uni on time for my 9 o’clock Math lecture, and glad I am that I went. We went through a sample exam paper, which as the course was drastically changed since last year, is the only one there is. After sitting for 15 minutes waiting for the lecturer to turn up for my 10 o’clock Internet Interface Design lecture, I gave up and went down the labs for a bit of relaxation.
I headed home not long after midday. I have my third Internet Interface Design assignment due by 5 o’clock this evening. I haven’t yet started work on it.
I’ve just submitted my assignment for the second time. I spent the past few hours writing it up, and just after submission I placed it on my website to show a few people in the UQ IRC channel, and noticed a blatant error so had to edit and resubmit it. Most of my work is submitted electronically. I don’t think there is a non-electronic way to submit it. If you don’t have a computer you’re expected to use one of the uni ones I guess.
After talking to Silas on IRC, I am going in to meet him. Amos is off somewhere looking for cars, and will head towards Silas’s after he’s finished.
This is when the train left here, with me on it, heading towards the city. I hopped off at Silas’s station and after only a minute or so of walking met him and Amos running towards the station. We caught a train to Indooroopilly with the intent to watch a movie, but when we got there Amos didn’t want to, so I ended up watching “2Fast, 2Furious” by myself while Silas and Amos went to the RE (a pub in Toowong frequented by UQ uni students). The movie must have only recently opened, as it was quite busy and still in one of the largest theatres, which is good as the screens are bigger. I sat in the front row, where the screen took up my entire field of view. I’ve never really understood why everyone seems to sit up the back. The further back you site the smaller the screen appears, and from the back, it’s not much larger than a current large-screen television. The sound also diminishes and you start to lose surround effects. I can understand why people don’t sit in the front row like I do, as it’s a bit intensive with the screen filling one’s entire field of vision, but I think the more intense the better when it comes to action movies? It’s nearly always less crowded down the front too. As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it but it’s definitely not Oscar material (although based on what seems to win them nowadays, who can say?). I kept Silas’s mobile, so after the movie I gave him a call and discovered they were at the RE, which I then went to and spent a while there before we caught a train back to Roma Street and from there home. Amos and I discussed the world in general, various get-rich schemes, and why some people seem to do so little with their lives. I’ve often wondered myself. There’s a whole world out there, why don’t people feel the urge to go see?
I’m still awake and enjoying the weekend. It’s Friday night! My last assignment has been submitted! I only have exams to go... Oh dear, what a sobering thought, I had better not think about that.
Comment by BITS – Sunday 8 June 2003, 12:15 AM
  And you suck cos you didn't go to the bits events.

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