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05.09.2004Sunday 5 September – The Insanity Continues

While drinking 2 litres of L.A. Ice Cola and finishing my assignment, I thought of some questions:
  Why do people sleep at night?
  Why does time bend, and how does L.A. Ice let me see around corners?
  Why does Coles close at 5 PM on Saturdays but 6 PM on Sundays?
  Why do the lab machines, for an hour or more after they've closed all the stuff I was working on by automatically re-imaging and made me wait half an hour while they re-image, prompt for a password for “ntadmin” when logging on, and refuse to find my roaming profile, reverting to a local one instead?
  Why, a few hours after automatically re-imaging, do all the lab computers sing, and their login prompts automatically login, then logout, and the “ntadmin” thing goes away? And how come they all do this at different times?
  Why do I always leave my assignments until the last possible moment?
  Why 42?
  How come pressing the air-conditioner button in the lab turns off all the lights, except for two seemingly random ones?
  Hmm, it's light outside now. I must go visit the GPS shower and exercise my toothbrush.
I caught a bus into the city. There’s very little open early on a Sunday morning, so I had to settle for a Hungry Jack’s veggie burger. I went and wandered around the inaugural King’s Square Markets for a while, and then caught a CityCat back to uni, and went back down to the labs. I have to be careful because my reaction times may, or may not, exist at any given time. I need to avoid traffic, and walk in straight lines – slowly. I want to get a hat with a flashing orange warning light on top to match Clint’s “train station” witches hat.
I spent the rest of the day in the labs working on my COMS3200 assignment. It looked really hard to start with, but after a bit of research, I’ve figured out how to do the networking primitives – or at least, I hope I have. It’s all communicating now – the client sends messages to the server, which receives them and replies. I haven’t written any of the processing stuff, so the messages don’t actually do anything, but that should be trivial. I’m a little worried about how I’ll handle concurrent messaging in the client, but that’s something to worry about tomorrow.
Clint eventually woke up, and we walked down to the Ville for food. I felt as though I needed something healthy, so I purchased myself a cheese and salad sandwich. By the time we got back from the Ville, Marcus had arrived, so I went and saw him for a little while, giving him his swipe card back, before heading home. I also have a USB key-drive that someone left in the labs. The journey home was interesting. Large gaps got lost. I think I need to sleep less – there has to be a limit that I can manage, some minimum sleep level without becoming wrecked. Sleep is such a waste of time.
I am supposed to get up at 7 AM, so going to bed right now would be an excellent idea. Oh, and in other news, has, finally, been transferred over to me.

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