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02.04.2007Monday 2 April – Tsunamis, Management, and is “is” is?

This morning began early—I’m working seven to three in the fishbowl. It also began a little worryingly—I received a call from Mum—“Hello, we’ve been advised to evacuate, a Tsunami may hit within the hour, got to go”. I phoned Tulani and Silas, finding out that non-essential staff had been sent home from Cairns Base (or at least some on the lower floors, apparently a Godzilla sized tsunami wasn’t expected), leaving the rest to drown, or save those that had, depending how strong the windows there are. As it turned out, nothing happened—the ocean rose about a foot, causing discomfort to a seagull and confusing the seaweed.
I’ve done almost entirely nothing. After my stressful, and rather long, day at work, I’ve chilled—eating dinner cooked by Nandini, and getting in my washing. I didn’t even go to Cold Rock, though I am keeping up my exercise schedule—completing fifty sit-ups, push-ups and leg-ups, and concentrating hard on philosophical subjects—my favourite right now being one I found from a hoax discussion the BBC hosted some years back—is “is” is?
After a little pondering, and a twitch through the Oxford, I found that is is “that which exists”, so clearly, is is; however, this only works if is doesn’t, because if is does, according to the Oxford, then is, as a past indicative, was—which might mean is isn’t anymore—and once we get to the past participial, is is in fact, isn’t, or in the case of the colloquial, ain’t, wa’n’t, weren’t, and basically, never was. So there we have it: is “is” is? According to the Oxford, is isn’t, unless it is—or as they put it, is is “an irregular and defective verb”. And that’s not a question.
Comment by Mum – Wednesday 4 April 2007, 6:08 PM
  I am that I am. Which cometh from the Holy Bible, and is God describing Himself. Or if you prefer, Jesus.s description, much more blunt and to the point in regard to the is "is" is, which was a succinct and overt pointer to finding out if is "is". "GO TO NOW" So, if you want to know if is "is", you will have to go to where Jesus Christ bloody well points you. Which is to go to NOW. I mean, right NOW.

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