Sunday 20th December
An Apple Notebook

MorningBronwen with her apple notebookBronwen with her Apple Notebook

After sleeping in, I drove Bronwen out to her place so she could mow her lawn and do various other homely things—forgetting to get breakfast or drop past her work on the way.


It poured down rain while I was getting petrol and trying to boat up the freeway, before suddenly stopping.


It has started raining again, albeit much more lightly. I dropped in on Kieran, and am going to go shopping if the rain holds up enough for me to cross the road and get to the shops.

Later Afternoon

The rain did stop, just long enough to trick Kieran and I into walking to the shops, but not long enough for us to get there dry, and had started up with renewed gusto by the time we needed to walk back.

Clem7 TunnelClem7 Tunnel3:15pm

After a rushed drive into the city and a fortunately-close parking spot, I arrived at the King George bus station and caught a bus tour through the soon-to-be-opened Clem7 tunnel under the Brisbane River, and back through the new Northern Busway. While not rivetingly exciting, it was quite interesting.



Part of Bronwen’s birthday present finally arrived. Silly things I bought online have been trickling in for weeks now—apparently prompt postage out of Hong Kong isn’t something that happens around Christmas time.

After watching some “The Big Bang Theory”, I dropped Bronwen at her work.


After picking Bronwen up from her work, we had Thai from a place we’d not tried before at Rosalie. It wasn’t bad. We then went for a walk, and now I’m tired.

Pear Notebook