Pre-Woodford Woes


Saturday 19th December Our tents at Woodford


I dropped my lease in at the real estate, didn’t take cash as their form said—in huge capital letters and several times—that they don’t accept cash, got told they do accept cash, drove home, looked at the tent and put it in the car, drove to the bakery, bought breakfast and got out some cash, dropped the cash off at the real estate, drove to Bronwen’s parent’s place, picked up their tent, and drove to Woodford.




Bronwen setting up tent at Woodford


Bronwen and I put up our tent and Bronwen’s parent’s temporary placeholder tent. Woodford Folk Festival has cordoned off areas for each particular group of volunteers, and has a tent set up to enquire about camping, which is a terrible idea and I, for one, am not going to go and camp in the Festival Shop area, which is an awful slope of dried mud, rocks, and the occasional dead grass, and am going to camp beside the same tree I’ve camped beside for several years now.



Bronwen eating soupCan of Soup


We drove back the long way, stopping for a lunch of cold canned soup at the Woodford township, and a milk drink at Dayboro.




A vegetarian hot dog is eaten.


Bronwen and I parked in the new Secure Parking at South Bank, and watched “Avatar 3D”. It’s absolutely fantastic. The plot is, unfortunately, only suited to young children and perhaps those with the minds of one, being entirely predictable and at times painful to watch, but it is the first fantastical movie—or in fact movie period—that I have seen where there was not a single moment when the special effects did not seem entirely realistic—not to mention 3D—so I think this is what the future of cinema will be like, three-dimensional, totally realistic fantasy worlds, limited only by the imagination of the script writers.