Sunday 3 January


I woke up earlier than I’d like, as it got hot. My throat is still very sore, and my nasal passages aren’t passing anything.


After doing almost nothing, dropping Bronwen up at her parent’s place, putting my washing on but not hanging it out, and making some noodles, I went back to bed.


I have been listening to pumping music, loud, and missing Woodford. Normal life doesn’t seem much fun. It was a fantastic, unique, festival.

Monday 4 January


I went to work, and found it hard to be motivated—and awake.


I picked up Kara from the train station, and we bought Thai food, some wine, and watched some “IT Crowd” and played Fluxx.

Tuesday 5 January


Kara and I got breakfast from the bakery, and I dropped her off in the city on my way to work.


I dropped Kara’s luggage off at the airport and said goodbye to her.


I picked Bronwen up from Kangaroo Cliffs, got petrol, pizza, watched a few episodes of “The Big Bang Theory”, hung out my washing, and went to bed. I am still quite tired, and not feeling entirely well—I have had a sore throat all day and am a bit flu-ish.

Wednesday 6 January


Bronwen and I went and watched “Sherlock Holmes” at South Bank, having found there was no parking at Kangaroo Point at all, and having to do a multi-point turn on the side of a cliff on the wrong side of a closed road sign and park on the edge of a water-effusing rock.

Thursday 7 January


I awoke late, and was late for work.


Maz, Kieran and myself went shopping at Indooroopilly, then spent some time back at Kieran’s, then back at Maz’s, making it a late night for me.