Saturday 9th April – Sizzler


Bronwen and I drove to Toowong Sizzler, where—for the first time ever—I ate just salad and no dessert, as part of my new “sugar is bad” fad. I also bought some $2 thongs and a pair of sandals that were on special for $8 from Kmart.

I feel classy.

After Sizzler we drove to Bronwen’s parent’s place, then to Bronwen’s work to get her bike, and then back home as Bronwen had to do some work things.

Sunday 10th April – Slacklining, Acro & Sunset Gathering


I had a quiet morning at home.

Slackline & Acro

Bronwen and I drove to New Farm Park where we had chips and I took a few photos of the slacklining and acro crew and Bronwen had a go at a few things and wasn’t killed in the process. It was busier than usual and in addition to the usual couple of slacklines, some mats and the strong men for lifting people they had some ribbons hanging out of a tree and a hoop (which was surprisingly heavy) also hanging out of a tree, for doing cool acrobatic things with, and some cool acrobatic people to do those things with them.

Ollie failing to look casualShowing how it’s really doneAn elegant swanLiterally in the process of falling overDom putting the finishing touches on his masterpieceDom highly amusedShowing how it’s really doneMaking it look easyPicnic entertainmentI liked the facial expressionsBronwen trying to be acrobaticWalking the hard way“The Gargoyle”Swinging thingsHow to fall to your death in styleUpside-down dancingA small child notices a far-away birdChillin’ in the hoopFighting the line

Sunset Gathering

Afterwards we drove to Coles to buy some seaweed rice crackers, soft biscuits and iced coffee, and then on to Kangaroo Point where I tried taking a few photos of the Sunset Gathering crew and Bronwen tried standing on her head.

Bronwen watches the showHoopers hoopLED hoopsDragon staffMany-fingered-thingsPerformance artA flaming stickMore hoopingRainbow hoopingCrazy hoopingTwo person hoopingMany staffsThe final drop