Friday 8th April – Fat Picnic

Anemone Stinkhorn

I went for a walk up Mount Gravatt and found some fungus—aseroe rubra, commonly known as the anemone stinkhorn, sea anemone fungus or starfish fungus. It smelt like—and looked like it was covered in—poo.

Anemone StinkhornAnemone StinkhornAnemone StinkhornAnemone StinkhornAnemone StinkhornAnemone StinkhornTrying to be artisticAnother artistic photo

Fat Picnic

I drove into West End and met Bronwen at the Boundary Street Markets where Fat Picnic were having their first show of the year. They were supported by Miel, and Jonathan Sri—the newly elected Greens councillor for the Gabba ward—had incorporated his campaign after-party into it and gave some speeches. It was a full house, and—apart from being significantly too hot inside—everyone seemed to have a good time.

Jonathan Sri & Larissa WatersJonathan Sri expands on his ideasFat PicnicFat PicnicMarioThe crowd watching Fat PicnicFat Picnic performing at The Motor RoomFat Picnic & BalloonsStay PuftStay Puft vs. MarioHughie Doherty in Fat PicnicHughie Doherty in Fat PicnicMax in Fat PicnicHughie Doherty in Fat PicnicHughie Doherty in Fat PicnicCrowds enjoy Fat PicnicHughie Doherty in Fat PicnicHughie Doherty & Graham Moes in Fat PicnicBoundary Street MarketsBoundary Street MarketsBoundary Street Markets

Youth Week

We stopped off at the Story Bridge on the way home, which was lit as a rainbow for Youth Week.

The Story Bridge during Youth Week