Saturday 4th September – Riverfire


I got up, pretended to be awake, and drove Bronwen to Darlington, via her parents’ place, and via her place, for her to pack. On the way it rained quite a bit, and by the time we got there they’d cancelled their planned walk as it would be too risky in the low visibility misty cloudy fog, and were instead planning a series of day walks. I dropped Bronwen off and drove home, buying the least-inspiring apple turnover ever from a bakery in Beaudesert—I had to throw it out, it was like they had forgot to add sugar.


After the somewhat wet drive home, I went and had a sleep.


Maz, his cousin Kate, and I drove to South Bank and had a look around. It was already getting very busy.


Maz, Kate and I parked in Milton and walked along the bike path beside the river. It was quite busy—though nothing like the South Bank side of the river—and not the ideal spot for watching the fireworks, but one of the F-111’s flew almost directly overhead while doing its dump and burn—ah, the raw, almost deafening, power.


After the dump and burn, Maz, Kate and I made our way to Halim’s, where we enjoyed a fine curry. I then sat at home for a while talking to Amy, and it began to rain.


Ignoring the fact that it’s raining, and approaching midnight, I headed to Maz’s to go for a leisurely stroll outside.


I’ve now driven home from Maz’s, after walking down to the 7-11 and buying a $1 doughnut, and am attempting to go to sleep.

Very Late

I accidentally stayed up for a while at home, getting to bed very, very late.

Sunday 5th September – Riverbreakfast


Maz and Kate dropped past and we drove to South Bank, and spent an age squeezing through queues of people on the Goodwill Bridge, which was having its “SunSuper RiverBreakfast”, which means “Let’s have a French Breakfast and give stuff out for free so everyone turns up”.


I snoozed. It rained. Bronwen got back from her bushwalk cum rainwalk, so I went and saw her.


Bronwen and I drove to Maz’s, then we—along with Kate—drove to Nandos, ate Nandos (the food, not the place), then headed to Cold Rock for dessert. Unfortunately, due I imagine to Father’s Day, there was no parking nearby, so we walked through rapidly increasing rain to Cold Rock, bought our ice cream, shivering, then ran back through the downpour to the car, and drove to Maz’s to huddle over our icecreams and milkshakes and warm up.