Bronwen at the start of the Twin Falls Circuit

Saturday 2nd February – Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook

Rock face at SpringbrookDay

Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s, and then to the bakery at Rosalie, and then to the Twin Falls Circuit at Springbrook.

We spent the afternoon walking around the circuit, finding the waterfalls to be nicely full of water now—unlike last time, when they were very small. I was bitten by the largest ant in the whole world—which hurt as much as you’d expect from something that big—and we had to crawl under a few fallen trees and cross a few closed track tapes, but other than that, it was a pleasant, not too hot, walk.

A Springbrook creek after rainfall
Maz catching water


Maz walking through some rocksAfter our walk, and driving back to Brisbane, we tried to buy tacos from the Burrito Bar in Rosalie, but true to its form, they had run out of tacos. A waterfallSo, instead, we drove to the new Chez Tessa, where Maz and Bronwen ordered food. I’m not a huge fan of the place since the new owners—it’s a “proper” restaurant now, serving Vietnamese food, and doesn’t even do milkshakes—so I bought a kebab from next door.

Maz tried to buy an iced coffee from the IGA, but someone had died (or at least collapsed) in the way, and as the ambulance people seemed to be taking a long time to remove them, we had to give up.

Bronwen catching water
Maz & Bronwen on the Twin Falls Circuit
Bronwen hurrying under a waterfall
The Twin Falls, Springbrook
Maz & Bronwen on the Twin Falls Circuit
Debris from the recent storms

The Drive

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Waterfalls on the Twin Falls Circuit
Bronwen walking under a waterfall on the Twin Falls Circuit, Springbrook
Bronwen overlooking the Gold Coast and its hinterlands
The world’s largest ant, biting Ned

The Walk

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The Statistics

The Entire Journey (Download KMZ)

Start time: 11:56 Finish time: 18:37 Distance: 175.8 km (05 hrs 53 mins) Max. Speed: 136 km/h

The Walk (Download KMZ)

Start time: 13:50 Finish time: 16:15 Distance: 4.3 km (02 hrs 25 mins) Minimum altitude: 208 m Maximum altitude: 792 m