Hot, Inspired & Pensive
Saturday 12th DecemberNed at his desk


It’s a hot day. I slept in until 11—sort of, I got up a few times and decided there wasn’t much reason to be up. I then walked to the bakery for breakfast, which wasn’t a very good idea as the sun was up and sunning down at its full nuclear-powered strength.


It’s funny. Actually, it’s not funny, but you know... everyone I know is off busy doing something or other, leaving me on my own, and it’s made me feel pensive. It started last night when I noticed an update from Clint on Facebook, that he was heading off for an outdoors adventure, and it made me wonder what I was going to do this weekend, and how much more eminently boring mine would probably be. I tossed up doing something exciting, but ultimately put it off until later—I’ll stick with my current plan to have a fairly boring weekend and catch up on some of the things I’ve been meaning to do for ages.


I went through some stuff on my site, started adding a few things to, added a few things to and went through the links to friends’ sites, finding that, sadly, quite a few are no longer in existence, then getting caught up reading Krait’s blog, which has inspired me to finally put up some new journal content of my own—I’ve been steadily (that is, extremely rarely when I get the motivation) working on getting my new journal running, and I’ve been keeping a journal the whole time, just not putting it online... so here’s an update, and the past shall catch up with this eventually...


I drove to Kieran’s via Woolworths, bumping into Scott and Katie shopping, then Maz and John at Kieran’s, where we sat and talked about geeky things, flashed a new ROM on Kieran’s new HTC Touch Pro 2 phone, and enjoyed the air-conditioning.


Time to leave Kieran’s, and go home and work on my website—or perhaps sleep.


I should probably sleep, instead of implementing a comments interface for my v3 journal...


Off to bed. I’ve somehow stayed up rather late.


Hot & Relaxing   Sunday 13th December


I awoke to find that it’s quite hot, and am going to go get some breakfast somewhere, then do some shopping.


Hot News


It rained, and now it’s finally cooled down—how pleasant and lovely it is!


I’ve just got back from a hugely filling, very yummy dinner at Halim’s Indian Taj with Bronwen. It’s still very humid—the walk back has got the old sweat glands working.


Alarm goes off, up we rush, out to the park, lie on a blanket, and wait for exciting Geminids. But alas, instead we see clouds, a few faint stars, and—after some time—a lone mosquito, so back to bed it is.


ShoppingIt’s extremely hot out of the air-conditioning. I had a nice, but very filling, cream and custard endowed pastry with a vanilla milkshake from Michelle’s Patisserie at Indooroopilly, and did a little shopping, buying some more seeds, replacing the kettle, which made lots of blue sparks last night and now doesn’t work, and buying some new sandals, and a few other things. I’m now going to tackle the comments feature of my journal again.