Interview & Dental Check-up | Mon 8th to Thu 11th Feb 2016 — Ned Martin’s Dot Org

Monday 8th February – Working from Home


I had quite a busy day working from home.


I had quite a busy night sleeping soundly at home.

Tuesday 9th February – Halim’s Indian Taj


I had a quiet day at home.


I drove over to Maz’s, then Maz, Chris and I drove to Halim’s—via Bronwen’s parents’ place to get Bronwen—and had curry for dinner.

Bronwen bought a motorbike helmet and jacket off Maz, who is selling most of his stuff in preparation for moving to the US.

Wednesday 10th February – Quiet Day


I had a quiet day at home, going for a walk up Mount Gravatt in the evening.

Thursday 11th February – Interview & Dental Check-up


I had an interview for a contract consultancy position.


I went to the dentist for a check-up. No problems were found.


Bronwen and I had Domino’s pizza for dinner.