Stradbroke Island

Friday 12th February – Stradbroke Island


I got up and drove to Cleveland, arriving at 10:20 to find the next ferry wasn’t until eleven. Maz and Chris had caught an earlier car ferry across on their motorbikes, but even so, by the time I had caught the ferry and then the connecting bus to Point Lookout, they had only just finished trying to fly Maz’s quadcopter on the first beach they’d walked to, only to find that it was blowing a gale and they couldn’t.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around to more sheltered beaches so Maz could try getting some footage with his drone, having chips at Point Lookout, and relaxing.


Maz and Chris left in the evening and I stayed, wandering along the beach until it started to get dark and Bronwen (who had rushed to the island via public transport after work) called to say she had arrived on the island. I then walked up to Bronwen’s parents’ (who were staying on the island) shed, arriving just before Bronwen did.

Maz flies his droneMaz flies along the beachChris plays his banjoleleClothes on the beachChris on Stradbroke IslandChris’s banjoleleMain Beach on Stradbroke IslandA small wallaby on Stradbroke IslandMain Beach on Stradbroke IslandThe Gorge on Stradbroke Island“Bronwen” written in green sandAn attempt at focus stacking: Seagulls on Stradbroke IslandAnother attempt at focus stacking: Bronwen & Seagulls on Stradbroke IslandYet another attempt at focus stacking: Ned & Seagulls on Stradbroke IslandA crab hole in the green sand

Saturday 13th February – Stradbroke Island


I had a relaxing morning on Stradbroke Island, going for a swim.


I caught the bus back to the ferry, then the ferry back to the mainland, then drove home—getting home just after dark.


I drove in to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital where there was a vigil for baby Asha, and took some photos.

Students investigate thingsI am nearly drowned on the ferry home