Sunday 7th February – Slacklining & Sunset Gathering

Suitcase Rummage

After another big sleep-in, Bronwen and I drove to the city, where Bronwen bought things from Suitcase Rummage.

Name your price!Colourful rummagers

New Farm Park Slacklining

After our brief retail therapy, we continued on to New Farm Park where we had intended to buy some chips. However, the some chips shop was shut, so we went to Coles where I had them make me a mixture of pasta and potato salad and Bronwen bought an awful orange cake even though I told her it would be awful. We then ate them while watching the slackline and acro crews practicing in the park.

I was not sure of the technical names so I have had to improvise.

The “pet bird in the park”The “wild landing at the picnic”The “extreme chiropractor”The “I’m not going back near the prickles until you get the one out of my foot”The “queen surveying her kingdom”The “worshippers & the confused redhead”The “I’m better than you”The “I’m just a redhead, I don’t understand how you got up there”The “oops, I’m so clumsy”The “casual slackliner & the clumsy man”The “let’s fix that neck & shoulder pain”Dom, Bronwen & the “chandelier”Dom, Bronwen & the “ceiling fan”Dom, Bronwen & the “I wouldn’t trust a guy who looks like that, it’s a long way down and he’ll drop you”Bronwen & the “watch TV in the park”The “help I’m stuck”

Renegade Sunset Gathering at Orleigh Park

After it began to get dark we drove to Orleigh Park and took some photos of the small sunset gathering they were having there—the normal one having been cancelled as everyone was going to Earth Frequency.

The “cleverly framed sunset”The “summon the devil”The “electric mayhem”The “crazy spin & ground thump”The “spiral spin-off”The “swishy–swishy oops”The “I wonder what it says”The “park notice sign”The “ouch these are quite hot”

After that, we drove to Top in Town and had curry for dinner.