Monday 22nd February – Nandos


I drove in to work and worked. I had lunch at Nandos with Maz at Moorooka.


Bronwen and I had a quiet dinner at home and watched Q&A.

Tuesday 23rd February – Hanaichi


I worked. I drove to Indooroopilly via Maz’s to get Maz, and had lunch at Hanaichi with him.


Bronwen and I drove over to Maz’s place and helped him remove his air conditioner. We had Mexican for dinner from Chidos Mexican Grill in Graceville. I had quite delicious nachos.

Nachos from Chidos Mexican Grill in Graceville

Wednesday 24th February – Pancake Manor


I worked.

Chips and a milkshake for lunch at work


I drove over to Maz’s to help him pull his furniture apart and pack things. We moved several crates of things and the NAS to my place, got Bronwen, and drove to the Pancake Manor in the city, where we met Ngoc and ate far too much but were unable to buy alcohol because it was past midnight.

All that remains of Maz’s six monitorsPacking things at Maz’sThe sad remains of Maz’s networkWaffles at Pancake Manor“The Ultimate” at Pancake Manor

I didn’t get home until 2:30 AM.

Thursday 25th February – Maz Moves Out


I drove over to Maz’s to help him with some final packing before the delivery truck arrived to take everything out to his parents’ farm. I also managed to forget both my wallet and my lunch, so had to drive home and get them before going to work.

Maz drove out to Pittsworth.

Crates from Maz’s dumped quickly at homeThe NAS in its new homePacking things at Maz’sThings packed ready for the removalistMaz in what remains of his living room for the last timeRemovalists packing things into a truck


I worked a half day.

Friday 26th February – Working


I worked.


I had a quiet night at home.

Saturday 27th February – Sizzler

Toowong Sizzler

Bronwen and I drove to Toowong Sizzler for our traditional breakfast/lunch, then drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place, where we spent the afternoon.

Boundary Street Markets

We drove to the Boundary Street Markets and watched MZAZA perform, before having some nacho fries from Beach Burrito, and driving home—getting home not long before midnight.

BingBronwen at the Boundary Street MarketsBronwen at the Boundary Street MarketsThe coins go into his (normally closed) eyes when you lift his armIt’s quite hot out—at The Motor RoomMZAZA at The Motor RoomA rare Persian instrument, MZAZA at The Motor RoomMZAZA at The Motor RoomMZAZA at The Motor Room