Sunday 28th February – Maz Flies to America

Maz Flies to America

Bronwen and I drove out to the airport, meeting Maz and his Mum, to see Maz off on his trip to the US, and collect his SIM card to put in his SMS-syncing phone, so he can still send and receive SMS on his Australian number while he’s overseas.


After Maz went through immigration (and just after he sent a message to say his flight had been delayed a further two hours) we drove home and did some washing and other boring household things while sweating profusely—for which I blame global warming, the Chinese, Muslims, that political party, and quite likely the sun.

Fortunately the mower wouldn’t start (probably the Chinese again—or possibly ISIS), so we couldn’t mow the lawn.

Slacklining & Acro in New Farm Park

Seeing as we didn’t actually have any edible food in the house and I hadn’t eaten anything yet and had sweated at least eight days’ worth trying to start the mower, we decided to drive into town and get some chips and watch the slackline people sweat at New Farm Park while we sat in the shade and ate our fattening foods.

As it turned out they hadn’t brought many mats so were too scared of falling on their heads to do any slacklining so spent their time trying to get the acrobatic people to fall on their heads instead—but, like cats, they kept landing upright.

Air swimmingGround divingPower walkingBronwen blowdrying her hair in an environmentally friendly wayAir surfingUnsure if Dom “smiling” or about to explodeDom’s crowd-surfing schoolEnjoying a cool breezeLooking for fruit to stealPicking fruit the difficult wayChecking for the farmerPlaying with sticks up where the air is coolerDom complaining his arm hurtsDom’s patented appendix removal serviceThe strange way some people sleepA girl casually floating around the parkA few minutes later, she floated past again


After it got dark and everyone went home we drove to Newstead Woolworths at The Gasworks—as far as I know, the only Woolworths (apart from the twenty-four hour one at the airport) that’s open until nine on a Sunday—and bought far too much stuff in a horribly failed (in the sense that it cost a lot) attempt to ensure we spent at least fifty dollars so that Bronwen could get ten dollars back on her rewards card.


After shopping we drove home, ate pasta, and wished it had cooled down.

My busy day

Overall, it was quite a busy day.