Sunday 21st February – Slacklining & Acro


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Lady Cilento Hospital

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New Farm Park Slacklining & Acro

After grabbing a drink from South Bank, Bronwen and I drove to New Farm Park, where Bronwen did some slackline practice and I took some photos before it got too dark.

I suspect he sleeps like thisKung-fu slackliningMimicking the ropeThe things you see in parksCasually sidewaysWhy you should always tie your shoelaces: a before & afterFalling to heavenFight that rope!Graceful landingThe weight of the worldShe’s escaping!Bouncy!Trust me I won’t drop you: a before & afterThe CatchThe Put DownBlown AwayFlying

Sarah & Micah

We then drove out to the airport to pick up Sarah and Micah and drop them from the domestic terminal to the international terminal, on their way to Abu Dhabi and Europe. Sarah’s flight down had been delayed an hour, so we didn’t have much time.

Micah handling the luggageSarah & Micah ready to leave Australia

Indian Kitchen

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