Monday 10th May - The Wrong New Phone


Up bright and early--first day of my new get-fit plan. Off for a half hour jog. Then breakfast, shower, and off to work.


I got home to find that my phone had arrived from eBay--how exciting. Sadly, my excitement soon turned to disappointment when I found that the seller had sent me the wrong phone--I have a receipt for the right phone, a Telstra NextG-capable Touch Pro 2 with 23 months warranty remaining--and a non-Telstra phone. I’ve sent the seller an email… but I’m very unhappy about it, the excitement of getting a new phone certainly soured.

After the unpleasant arrival of what isn’t the phone I bought, I drove out to Bronwen’s, via Officeworks to look at laptops, then on to Woolworths, then Hungry Jack’s for dinner, then back to my place, and now to bed.

Tuesday 11th May - Another New Phone

Early Morning

I had to be at work early in the morning, so I couldn’t do my exercise. I was, however, at work on time.


After contacting the eBay seller about my phone and being told that he’d found another receipt from Telstra for it, I became suspicious as I didn’t think it was a Telstra phone, so  I drove to the Telstra shop at Toombul with my eBay phone, and they confirmed that it’s not a Telstra phone and can’t do NextG. On top of that, they wouldn’t honour the warranty, even if it was, as it’s not a Telstra warranty. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I called the phone number--and even the fax number--on the receipt for the phone, and neither were connected. Somewhat suspicious now, I immediately contacted the eBay seller and told him if he didn’t give my money back I’d contact the police, inspector gadget, and even eBay themselves. He replied saying he’d refund my money, but not until after I’d returned the phone. Oh dear, we have here a trust issue.

I also bought another phone off eBay--after confirming with the seller that it is indeed a Telstra model.


After work, I had a relaxing evening watching television. Bronwen and I went and bought pizza from Eagle Boys, and ate it with our mouths, using our teeth and tongues.

Wednesday 12th May - Political Argument


I got up and went for a short jog and a walk. It was quite cold. My flatmates went to Stradbroke. It’s not fair; I have to go to work.


Bronwen and I again sat at home watching television. We finished off the lovely pasta she had made the other day, and had a political argument.

Thursday 13th May - Curry


Maz and I drove to Bronwen’s to deliver her laptop, then went and had a lovely curry from Halim’s.

Friday 14th May - Subdued


Saturday 15th May - Stradbroke Island


We got up very early, got ready, drove to Maz’s, got Maz, then drove to Cleveland, where we caught the ferry to Stradbroke Island. Bronwen’s Dad met us at the ferry and drove us to their holiday house, where we left Bronwen and walked to Point Lookout, saw lots of dolphins, walked around, met Bronwen, went for a swim, and lazed about dozing in the shade for hours.


Bronwen drove Maz and I back to the ferry, which we caught back to the mainland, then drove to Kieran’s, where we had dinner.


I stayed up very late--basically all night.

Sunday 16th May - Sleeping


I awoke to find it suspiciously dark outside… and was shocked to find it was nearly five o’clock--I’ve slept all day!


After a dinner with Bronwen, I stayed up a bit late buying things on eBay and updating my journal--which wasn’t too bad considering how much I slept--then went to bed. A very uneventful day.

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