I've a journal, which stores its data in an XML file. I use XSLT to dynamically
transform this into various output formats - XHTML in this case, based on
various criteria such as the date to display and so on. The XSLT used to do this
transformation is available here http://nedmartin.org/journal/xsl/ , although it
is probably not very relevant to my question. 'day.xsl' shows single days;
'full.xsl' shows full years and so forth. 'journal-imports.xsl' does the actual

I also have an XML list of acronyms used throughout my journal, formatted thus:
  <acronym acronym="CSS">Cascading Style Sheet</acronym> 
  <acronym acronym="CGI">Common Gateway Interface (web scripting facility) or Computer-Generated Imagery (movie industry)</acronym>

I wish to be able to automatically replace any occurrence of an acronym in the
XHTML output with the appropriate XHTML <acronym title="Cascading Style Sheet">CSS</acronym> tag.

I have thought about it and I can't think of any way to do this that wouldn't
involve parsing my journal and on every single word of my journal, parsing every
single acronym in my acronyms list - thus for every word in my journal my entire
acronym list would be parsed - something I assume would be highly inefficient.

In case it matters, my journal is in the format:
  <year date="2004">
    <month date="01">
      <day date="01>
        <content time="...">blah blah</content>
    <month date="02">
or view the schema: http://nedmartin.org/journal/xsl/journal.xsd

There has to be a good way to do this?

Help much appreciated,

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