Wednesday 4th January – Unwell


St. Stephen’s Cathedral Myer Sale

I felt unwell and lazed about doing very little all day.


Random trivia I discovered: the iPhone 4s has SAR (i.e. you will get cancer) ratings roughly 3 times worse than other phones I looked at.

Thursday 5th January – Doom & Gloom

Warning! Doom! Gloom! It is 2012! The Mayan era is coming to an end! There is a UV Alert for tomorrow! UV index predicted to reach extreme! And fire danger is… well, dangerous! You most likely will burn! And it is storm season! You should already have prepared! You will almost certainly be killed, drowned, or get wet! Digital sales are killing retail; we will all starve, or at least have to eat digital food! There will never be another Kodak moment! And there’s a chance Labor could be re-elected!

Friday 6th January 2012 – Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows


I rode and met Bronwen on her ride home from work, in a much bumpier fashion, having pumped my tyres up nearly to their maximum pressure. After we drove to Halim’s for a yummy Indian dinner, and then on to South Bank to watch “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”—which wasn’t as bad as the previews had me believe.

Saturday 7th January 2012 – Sizzlers


Bronwen and I had a quiet morning pottering around the house not doing much. We had planned to go swimming, but it’s overcast and not overly hot, so doesn’t really feel like ideal swimming weather.


Bronwen and I had a late Christmas lunch at Sizzlers, using up some of the vouchers for it Bronwen had got me for Christmas.

Sunday 8th January – College’s Crossing


College’s Crossing Bronwen at College’s Crossing Bronwen & Ned swimming at College’s Crossing

Bronwen and I drove out to what’s left of College’s Crossing after the floods. It’s now stubbly grass, very few trees, and no play equipment, café, barbecues or shade—but there is still water, so we went for a nice swim. It was quite busy, and also quite hot—the few tiny spots of shade had mostly been taken up.

Windows Command Prompt on Windows 7