Tuesday 25 November – Quantum of Solace


I watched an episode or few of Scrubs, relaxing at home. I had planned to go out and get pizza, but didn’t get around to it. Maz and I went and watched “Quantum of Solace” at 9:05 PM at South Bank. I had to run to catch the bus. It rained a bit after, but fortunately we got a bus from the start of Coronation Drive. I stayed at Maz’s for a short while, before walking home through slowly intensifying rain with Maz’s umbrella. I seem to have lost mine.


Argh, for it hath become late.

Wednesday 26 November – Raining


Bronwen came over, we argued about solar power, then Maz and Kieran came over, and we went and got curry. Kieran dropped me off at Maz’s after, where I stayed until late. It rained, I called a cab to get home, it never turned up, it stopped raining, and I walked home. It was far too late by the time I got to bed.