Tuesday 24th March – Sleepy


Having stayed up practically all night and then being woken by Bronwen calling at 6 AM, I rushed into work - only just managing to get into the car park before the early bird parking cut-off of 9:30 - and had a relatively bad day fighting a complex problem.


I picked Bronwen up from her parents’ place, and we bought Dominos pizza for dinner and watched Q&A. Bronwen found a baby gecko.

Bronwen with a baby gecko

Wednesday 25th March – Work

I worked.

I did not know Palaeolithic man had banana and cranberry bread.

Thursday 26th March – Coomera Circuit

Lamington National Park, Binna Burra

Maz and Emmi arrived at my place bright and early, and a short while later, so did Clint. Bronwen wasn’t able to come due to her dislocated finger. The rest of us drove down to Lamington National Park at Binna Burra, and went for a walk around the Coomera Circuit. Despite the ominous weather, it didn’t rain on us and wasn’t too muddy. It began to get dark just before we got back, and was fairly dark by the time we reached the car park, but all went well and it was a good walk. Clint only fell over a handful of times, and no one dislocated any fingers.

After the long drive home, Maz and Emmi drove home and Bronwen and I went to Sing’s Asian Kitchen in Rosalie with Clint for dinner.

The drive from Brisbane to Binna Burra The walk along Binna Burra Elevation profile of the walk

Download my Google Earth/Maps (KMZ) GPS track of the walk.

According to this somewhat innacurate GPS track, we walked 24 kilometres in seven hours (walking for six and a half hours, stopped for half an hour). Average speed 3.8 km/h. We started at 11 AM, and finished at 6 PM.

The start of the walk Clint, Maz & Emmi enjoying the view A scary, non-blue alien thing One of the blue crayfish. This one has learnt to use tools. Next it’s iron, then gunpowder, & before you know it, world domination. The view from the main lookout A leech looking for prey Maz, Clint & Emmi on the lookout An inquisitive lizard One of the many waterfalls The track through the rainforest Another waterfall Clint, Maz & Emmi crossing the creek One of the many creek crossings Discovering that the rocks are very slippery Clint is getting excited Some fungi under a log Walking through the rainforest The creek One o fthe better creek crossings Fallen trees in the forest The path weaving through rocks The path along the side of the hill Crossing the creek The path through fern trees Another small waterfall The creek going merrily on its way A very small, but scenic, waterfall Maz photographs a waterfall One of the many small cascades along the way Clint contemplates swimming A waterfall Maz photographing a waterfall Ferns were everywhere Maz’s camera admiring the view of a waterfall A small creek flows over some rocks Peeking through trees to the creek A waterfall along the way One of the many waterfalls along the way An old log lies across the creek The creek A cascade rolls into a rock pool Some berries hanging from a tree A waterfall flows into a small rock pool The creek cascades over some rocks A small creek flows through moss covered rocks A creek flows through moss covered rocks The path leaves the gorge area and heads back into the hills The path along the side of a cliff The view through the cloud and mist out over the mountains