Thursday 26th February – New Canon 70D Camera

Old Camera

I found all the things that came with my camera and put them back in their box, then took it back down to JB HI-FI, who kindly gave me all my money back onto two gift cards (as they’re limited to $999 per gift card). I then drove into Bronwen’s work and drove her to her dentist appointment.

While Bronwen was at the dentist I went and saw some travel agents and started getting some prices on airfares to America for Bronwen’s conference.

New Camera

As my local JB HI-FI didn’t have the camera I wanted, Bronwen and I drove to the Garden City JB HI-FI and bought a Canon 70D there. They price-matched down to $1038, which after I’ve get the GST back, will be cheaper than any grey market imports I could find. We then bought kebabs to celebrate, though due to a horrible mix-up Bronwen ate half of mine.

Snakes: The first photos with my new camera

Bronwen is looking after her neighbour’s snakes while he is away, so I took a few photos to see if the camera works.

A small, and apparently angry, snake hiding in a cardboard roll

A bowl of snakes

Serving suggestion: Delicious snakes

Performing an auto-focus micro-adjustment on my lenses with the new Canon 70D