The cosplayers at Neon Pop

Monday 23rd February – Roving Conspiracy


I had a quiet day at home, popping over to the neighbour’s place at one point to have a look at some new snakes he’s bought.


I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place to get Bronwen, and then out to Annerley where we went to “Roving Conspiracy”. The neighbours complained about the noise, which dampened the mood—and the volume—a little bit, but otherwise it was a fun night.

Roving Conspiracy

One of the performers at Roving Conspiracy Rivermouth performing at Roving Conspiracy Roving Conspiracy

Tuesday 24th February – Postponing


I had a quiet day at home, researching things.


Bronwen and I had a quick look into flights for her upcoming conference, but postponed making any decisions.

Wednesday 25th February – Working


I had a day’s work, so I went and did it.

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