Thursday 11th August – Ian’s Funeral


Bronwen and I got up around eight, left around half past nine, and drove up to Buderim for Bronwen’s grandfather’s funeral. It was a solemn, grand affair, complete with a flyover by a Hurricane, and seemed very fitting I thought.


Bronwen spent the night up the coast while I drove back, dropping off a few things are her parents’ place.

Friday 12th August

ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ

Saturday 13th August


Sunday 14th August – Topology


I watched (and listened to) Topology’s “Ten Hands” at the ABC Classic FM Sunday Live broadcast from their Ferry Road studios… which was, quite literally, what it says. It also rained.

Monday 15th August – Relaxing


I finally began to consider perhaps soon looking for work, Bronwen having now firmed up her job offer here in Brisbane. I also didn’t receive any of the things I’d bought in the mail, and instead did some work on the front garden.


Bronwen and I had a quiet evening, eating dinner at home, watching some TV, sorting through photos from our holiday and generally relaxing.

Tuesday 16th August – Muffins


Bronwen’s Mum dropped over—while Bronwen and I were down at Woolies—and after rushing home, eating lunch, and chatting for a while, we went to Bunnings and Woolies again.


Bronwen and I drove to Maz’s, via picking him up from his work, and via Bronwen’s parents’ place to drop off things, and went to Woolies (for the third time today), and Maz made muffins while I bought pizza.

Wednesday 17th August – Dinner & Chez Tessa


Sadly, there will be no postal delivery to wait for today, as it’s Brisbane Show Day.


Lunch at Chez Tessa with Maz and Bronwen, then back to Bronwen’s parents’ place, then back home, then back to Bronwen’s parents’ place, then back to Maz’s for dinner…


Dinner at Maz’s, along with Kieran, Maz’s flatmate, and Maz’s ex-flatmate.

Thursday 18th August – Cowboys and Aliens


I spent most of the day driving around. First, I drove south to find a specific bank branch for Bronwen, but did not. Then, I drove to her parents’ place—via a glue and power steering fluid selling place. And then, I drove to Coles. Then I drove—through terrible, terrible traffic and the remnants of a multi-vehicle accident—back to the specific bank branch we didn’t find the first time, this time finding it. And then I drove to a different bank branch, which was shut. Then I drove home.


Feeling like a drive for a change, Bronwen and I drove into South Bank and saw “Cowboys and Aliens”—fortunately mostly at the cinema. The movie was, of course—and as I had predicted, despite Bronwen’s concerns to the contrary—absolutely fantastic; it was let down only by being average in, sadly, most ways—fun action for the whole family (unless they’re very scared of alien-ish things or Harrison Ford).