Monday 22nd August – Batteries


P-Rocket torch, 18650 battery, charger, bike torch mount, spare parts & chargerI had a quiet day at home, while Bronwen had her first day at her new job. I had meant to look for work, but somehow, for reasons other than my own fault, it just didn’t quite happen. I did, however, receive two 18650 batteries, which join the 18650 battery charger and two 18650 battery boxes I received while I was away at Stradbroke, making for what is essentially a mockery of the lateness or stolen-ness of my torch… theoretically on its way from the land of the free… the United States of America.

In other entirely unrelated news—do not use Mack Camera Warranties; I sent them a quote for repair of one of my lenses exactly one month ago, and have yet to hear back (other than, ironically, getting a fairly quick reply to my complaint, saying they’d look into my claim soon… a week ago).


I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place where Bronwen—and her parents—had dinner, along with I. I also bought fuel for $1.329, which is the cheapest I’ve seen it for quite some time—note to self: need a gas car.

Tuesday 23rd August – P-Rocket Torch


P-Rocket torchI drove Bronwen to the bus stop as the morning was of the rainy disposition. Afterwards I puddled around at home while the world splashed about outside, and—somewhat ironically, having quit my previous job,P-Rocket torch and its holster. Note glow-in-the-dark switch in part, as there was nowhere for me to progress there while my boss remained at work—had a chat to my previous boss and found that he was handing in his notice. Shortly after I was asked if I would be interested in a six month contract—the details of which I do not yet have, but presumably it would be filling the void left by his departure until someone else were able to take over—at my previous work. Interesting.

P-Rocket torch & some accessoriesThe other interesting thing that happened this morning was that my P-Rocket XM-L torch—which I had ordered at the start of the month—finally arrived! USPS certainly isn’t the fastest out there, but at least it got here—and one advantage of it taking so long is that I’ve had time for some eBay batteries and a battery charger to arrive from Singapore while I waited.


“Flesh Field”–it’s a shame they’ve ceased writing musicIt remains stubbornly rainy. I watched a few episodes of Top Gear while eating lunch, and am now listening to Flesh Field’s final album, “Tyranny of the Majority”.


I drove into the city, picking up Maz, then on to Maz’s place, then on to Bronwen’s parents’ place, where Bronwen was. We had a quick chat about jobs, and then she drove the Corolla home while I attempted to order pizza online.P-Rocket torch and its lantern accessory Several days later—having first decided that my mobile internet wasn’t working properly;  then, after using Bronwen’s parents’ internet and finding that also didn’t work, that the Domino’s site itself was experiencing issues—I also drove home. Once home Bronwen—after trying herself—agreed that the site didn’t work, and we used a voice-enabled telephone to contact an audio-capable staff member, which surprisingly mostly worked—we got there and found the pizzas for “Ned” were under “Annette”, but apart from the frizzy red hair and buxom bosom, it’s close enough.


I slept, going to bed not long after ten o’clock.

Wednesday 24th August – Battery Charger


18650 battery chargerI again drove Bronwen to the bus, it again being on the moist side of things. I then pottered around at home, having a little peak at some jobs, and driving in to my previous work to have a chat to them about their job offer—which, as expected, came to nothing when they weren’t willing to pay a realistic rate. In more exciting news, the battery charger I ordered way back in the mists of time arrived.

Thursday 25th August – Laurence & Valerie


I spent another relaxing day at home, as one does when one hasn’t got around to getting a job yet.


I drove to Bronwen’s parents’ place, where Bronwen and I had dinner with her cousins Laurence and Valerie, along with their partners.

Friday 26th August – Taxing Times


No mail today, and yet more cloudy weather. I began my tax, rewriting my CV, and sorted lots and lots of paperwork.


I drove to Maz’s, via the city to get him and Bronwen. Then Maz drove Chris to the Bronco’s League’s Club and we stopped at Halim’s on the way back for curry, then Cold Rock.